Plug & Play Sessions: Volume V

Wed May 30, 18:00 - Wed May 30, 23:00

14 Hope Street


We all know admin as an entertainer is quite the tedious task, and a lot of entertainers - be they musicians or comedians - could do with a little more know-how on some aspects that come with being an entertainer. We're talking about the how-to's of admin, crucial things needed in place to make sure you're building a solid foundation, legalities, and a whole realm of things to think of that you may never have considered.
1 | Are you an entertainer? A musician? Comedian? DJ? Vocalist? In a band?
2 | Do you take your sh*t seriously?
3 | Then join us!
Plug & Play Sessions will connect you with people that have essential knowledge you need so you can navigate the entertainment industry like a boss.
In an informal talk setting, you'll get to make instant industry connections and learn what you need to know about a multiplicity of topics, for example selling out your shows, building a following, making your marketing reach further, etc. Keep an eye on the "this edition" tab to see this edition's speakers and topics!

There will also be a showcase space during the event to give a handful of speciality acts a chance to perform a short set, so everyone from other genres and different parts of the industry can see and hear what they're up to. If you would like to perform a speciality act in a showcase slot, please book a ticket, then apply here before midnight on 16 May 2018.
Buy your ticket now to book your spot.
Wednesday, 30 May
 Doors open 6.00 PM
 Talks start at 6.30 PM sharp
 14 Hope Street, Gardens, Cape Town

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Nkululeko Dyantyi
Showcase: Music
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Robin Cathleen Botha
Talk: From Classic to Commercial - Where to Place Yourself
mixed thumbnail
Nelson De Gouveia
Showcase: Comedy
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Yaaseen Barnes
Talk: Building & Maintaining a Social Media Audience to Get Bums in Seats
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Deslynn Malotana
Showcase: Music
mixed thumbnail
Luke Armstrong
Talk: How to Engage Positively with an Event Organiser
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Joe Emilio
Showcase: Comedy
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Martin Evans
No Laughing Matter - The Business of Being Funny


During the event, there will also be a showcase space with limited slots to give selected acts a chance to play a few pieces, so everyone from other genres and the industry can hear what they're up to.

If you would like to play a showcase slot, please book a ticket, then APPLY HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited slots, and since there has been such a great response to the showcase space, it is not possible for us to offer everyone a slot. As such, we have started taking applications for each edition of the event.

To find out first about when showcase applications open, and to stay up to date with event details and future editions of the event, sign up for Plug & Play's mailing list: 


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Plug & Play Sessions: Volume V
14 Hope Street
14 Hope St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
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