Radical Innovation Masterclass II

Fri Jun 1, 09:00 - Fri Jun 1, 15:30
African Pride Hotel Melrose Arch


Brought to you by Dean Furman, the author of the acclaimed "Exponential Potential" and radical innovation expert

The masterclass is aimed anyone looking to innovate, grow a business and disrupt an industry. It is suitable for those from large organisations as well as startups, and covers:
  • The mindset needed to disrupt (backed up by AI)
  • An analysis of companies that have innovated and disrupted industries and what they have in common
  • A radical innovation toolset to help you get there - this includes some powerful marketing thinking, growth hacks and enabling technologies
  • How to keep up to date with new technologies and ideas globally and come up with radical new ideas
  • The 5 greatest factors that determine new innovation success
  • Mind-blowing examples of new innovations and what to expect going forward
  • Innovation pitfalls inside larger organizations and how to overcome them
  • Many more tips, insights and practical guidance
Some reviews from the previous Radical Innovation Masterclass:

"Dean’s master class was amazing I picked up so many tips that I will start using at BluWave to improve our success."

"The RIMC was unlike anything else I have attended. It was loaded with business hacks that has the potential to save an
organisation or start-up a great deal of time and energy. It’s one of the very few times in my career that I was able to leave a workshop and make use of the solutions. immediately in my business. Dean’s offering is relevant, up- to- date and rewarding. "

"Brilliant class – I would recommend Dean as a keynote speaker any time for companies who really want to be super successful in the marketplace. Disruption is the game plan
of the future." "I thought it was very informative and actually quite mind boggling. Dean is exceptionally brilliant and well informed and great sense of humour
. Can’t wait to read his book."

"Furman offers great insights and advice for both companies and individuals who are striving to innovate in a world that is constantly being disrupted.
 Kelly Palmer, Chief Learning Officer, Degreed, (Former CLO LinkedIn and VP of learning Yahoo!)

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Radical Innovation Masterclass II
African Pride Hotel Melrose Arch
Arch, 1 Melrose St, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa
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