Plant the Rain - Urban Rainwater Harvesting

Sat May 12, 09:30 - Sat May 12, 14:30

Joshua Tree Organics


While day zero has been kicked into 2019, Cape Town, like many other cities, is on a steady path to increased extreme weather patterns such as drought and flooding. 

While the scientific consensus on climate change / extreme weather points to greenhouse gases as the primary cause agents, there is a new perspective emerging which provides for a more direct cause, and one which empowers every individual with a more direct ability to alleviate it: water.

Join as we explore water's critical role as tool for weather restoration, economic upliftment, and social justice, as we cover:
  • The hydological cycle's effect on extreme weather (aka climate change)
  • Rainwater harvesting principles
  • Assessing your site's water harvesting needs
  • Low tech rainwater harvesting techniques
  • When to get a tank, the various options available to you, and how to install your own
  • Water as a tool for building regenerative communities
This is a participatory and practical workshop where you'll leave equipped with everything you need to implement rainwater harvesting in your own life. We'll be getting hands on with some of the rainwater harvesting techniques.

Cost per person is R230. 

In the spirit of transparency, please see this link for a breakdown of our estimated costs.

This workshop will only go ahead if there are 12 confirmed paying participants, so please share with those you feel may benefit. This is to ensure we cover our costs, keep the workshop fee low and make this education accessible. In the event we do not reach the 12 humans target, your ticket will be fully refunded. Tickets are non-refundable otherwise.

Confirmation that this workshop will go ahead will be announced on Monday 7 May 2018.

What to bring
  • Snacks and a dish to share for a communal lunch. In the spirit of compassionate sharing, please ensure what you bring to share is kosher / halaal / vegetarian, and no stress if you're unable to bring anything, there should be plenty to go round.
  • Your own crockery (plates, cups and mugs) and cutlery
  • Notepad and pen if you want to take notes
  • Comfortable and weather appropriate clothes (sun hat and sun glasses / rain jackets and gumboots) - this is an outdoor event and we'll be getting a little dirty
  • Camping chairs / blankets / yoga mats / pillows to sit on
  • An open mind and your inner genius
Looking forward to connecting and co-creating a rich learning experience with you!

Stay awesome you crazy creatures.

Participants attend this workshop at their own risk. Guerilla House will not be held responsible for any theft, injury, loss or damage which may arise. However, in such an unlikely event we will assist you as best we can.
This event is subject to postponement/cancellation at the discretion of Guerilla House in the event of inclement weather. Tickets will be fully refunded should we postpone/cancel.


Check out this Ted Talk by water harvesting guru Brad Lancaster, who popularised the prase "Plan the Rain".


Plant the Rain - Urban Rainwater Harvesting
Joshua Tree Organics
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