The Church and Early Life - Common Ground Church

Mon Jul 30, 18:30 - Mon Jul 30, 21:30

Common Ground Church - Rondebosch



Research Feedback Event
Venue: Common Ground Church Rondebosch
30 July 2018 
Time: 18:30 - 21:30

At conception, each life is created equal. But sadly in South Africa where you are born is a significant factor in determining the trajectory of your life. Of an estimated 102 000 births each year in the Western Cape, over half are born into poverty and adversity and do not receive the necessary building blocks of love, nutrition, security and stimulation to set them up for future success. So much potential is being wasted.

There is overwhelming evidence that the first thousand days, from conception to two years old, presents a powerful window of opportunity to impact young lives. For the past year, Common Good has been conducting research, engaging with many different churches and organisations in Cape Town, to explore what contribution the local church can make in support of this critical life phase.

Join us for this interactive research feedback event, where we will share the outcomes of the research with you. There is enormous and, in part, untapped potential within the local church to have a meaningful impact in the lives of the youngest amongst us. This is not about running another programme, but about doing what the church already does so effectively - loving and serving its community.

Pastors, deacons, church members, and community leaders – this event is designed for you! Come join in the conversation of how your church, Jesus’ body, is uniquely positioned to love those precious to Him. 

Arrive at 18:30 for registration and refreshments. The event starts at 19:00

To read the full research report -The church's role in supporting human development in the first thousand days - click here


The Church and Early Life - Common Ground Church
Common Ground Church - Rondebosch
23 Milner Rd, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa
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