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Thu Apr 5, 09:00 - Thu Apr 5, 11:00
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Are you a business owner? Do you also need more business to take your business to the next level?

It is not easy to find that new business.


I know the challenges business owners face when looking for new business. I attended a small business expo and all they got was people selling stuff to them. They got no business. I attended a networking event and that similar to having a room full of men looking for women and there were no woman.




It made me think. A few years ago I created a process that I applied and tested in my own business and I created R100,000 of new business in 30 days. Another business owner did the same and grew their turnover by R1,4 million in 10 months.




I then decided to create the opportunity accelerators club and get business owners together on a regular basis to facilitate this process I and other business owners used with success so that we all can get new business, grow our turnovers and take our businesses to the next level.


If this is something you are looking for then I suggest you book your spot NOW. Do not delay. I only allow a small group of people for each meeting so book now to avoid disappointment.


More about your host: Willem Gous

I grew up in an entrepreneurial home where my dad worked night and day, 7 days a week. I then decided that will not work for me and decided to build my businesses differently. I have been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years. Have won multiple marketing awards for the work I have done in the online industry. I have been a part of the online industry since 1996.

I have experience ranging from military specification manufacturing, production management, channel management, corporate sales and more. I help clients ranging from makeup, manufacturing, commercial property development, software development, accounting and more.

I have a few diplomas and my master’s degree in information systems management. I spent more than 11,000 hours on my personal development over the past 10 years. I grow and expand my mind at least 2 hours per day.

I am also an author and created my own innovation methodology called indivineur. It formed part of my 800 hours of research into innovation methodologies for my Masters degree dissertation. I realised businesses fail at innovation because they try to innovate a business. But businesses are made up of people. If the people’s thinking within the business remain the same, then nothing “innovative” will change in the company. People are stronger than your process. My indivineur innovation methodology innovates the people within your company through self-discovery and co-creation. When you innovate the people, you innovate you innovate the business. Some clients have applied it in their businesses and grew turn over by 200% and more in one year.

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The Opportunity Accelerators Club
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