Suits & Sneakers - The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy (JHB Edition)

Thu Apr 12, 18:00 - Thu Apr 12, 22:00
Il Grande Cinema @ Montecasino


Suits & Sneakers would like to invite you to the official screening of "The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy" on the evening of Thursday, 12 April 2018 at the Il Grande cinema at Montecasino in Fourways, Johannesburg.

Suits & Sneakers is all about bringing change to our beautiful nation through the democratisation of quality education. We genuinely believe this documentary will shift your perspective about how the world is changing and then we will be showcasing our solution to being prepared for this exponential future! 

This event will be acting as the soft launch of the Suits & Sneakers Online University! All ticket proceeds go toward covering the cost of the beautiful venue and should there be any funds left, it will all be donated toward the continual development of our online university!

We have received special permission from Vice Media in the USA to be able to screen this documentary and we believe this is a golden opportunity for individuals and businesses to gain a true understanding of how the world is chaging.

PLEASE NOTE: This documentary is available on YouTube for you to watch anytime BUT this event has been created to bring everyday people together to foster change in South Africa! Also, the Il Grande Cinema has almost 600 seats and one of the largest screens to watch this documentary on. In other words, it's all about the experience!

The global economy is in crisis. The exponential exhaustion of natural resources, declining productivity, slow growth, rising unemployment, and steep inequality, forces us to rethink our economic models. Where do we go from here? In this feature-length documentary, social and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin lays out a road map to usher in a new economic system.
A Third Industrial Revolution is unfolding with the convergence of three pivotal technologies: an ultra-fast 5G communication internet, a renewable energy internet, and a driverless mobility internet, all connected to the Internet of Things embedded across society and the environment.

This 21st century smart digital infrastructure is giving rise to a radical new sharing economy that is transforming the way we manage, power and move economic life. But with climate change now ravaging the planet, it needs to happen fast. Change of this magnitude requires political will and a profound ideological shift.

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Suits & Sneakers - The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy (JHB Edition)
Il Grande Cinema @ Montecasino
Montecasino Boulevard, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2055, South Africa
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