Sports Health & Fitness Exchange 2018

Sat May 5, 09:00 - Sat May 5, 14:00
Moses Mabhida Stadium


~~So what can visitors to the event expect?

The event is not just for those who are already active, it’s for everyone; from those who are trying to get more information so that they can make the right decision as to what works for them, to those who are well on their way, to enthusiasts who want to stay on the right track on their fitness and healthy lifestyle journey. It’s all about to getting moving, getting healthy and becoming fit.

The Sports Health & Fitness Exchange offers a combination of indoor and outdoor, individual and team activities; a perfect combination for a person who wants to visit the Sports Health & Fitness Exchange to learn more and to try different activities or for a team to join in the team soccer and netball for some healthy competition.

Exhibition: provides an opportunity for visitors to the event to learn, sample and participate in demonstrations about different products and services

Speakers’ Corners: these sessions are focused on health and fitness related topics; featuring professionals such as nutritionists, dieticians and other aspects of sports, health and fitness that can help guide visitors in making healthy lifestyle decisions and also provide health screenings

Visitors are encouraged to come ready to get moving! If you can, come in your gym clothes. If not, don’t worry – change rooms are available.

Sporting Activities: the event has a strong activity component with the following activities on offer:

Aerobics: Instructors  from Sbu’s Academy of Fitness offer an energising range of aerobics classes (kickboxing, freestyle and step) throughout the day.

Soccer: Corporates, government departments, social and university soccer teams are invited to sign up to participate in the fun and social soccer tournament at the Sports Health & Fitness Exchange.

Netball:  Netball teams from corporates, government departments, social clubs and universities are invited to sign up to participate in the fun and social soccer tournament at the Sports Health & Fitness Exchange.

Training Sessions: In partnership with Virgin Active Moses Mabhida the Sports Health & Fitness Exchange offers visitors an exciting programme of grid classes, wattbike sessions and functional training

Bootcamp: Morning bootcamp will also be on offer for the visitors at the event

So what about those visitors who just want to have light fun in between training sessions? There are some fun, light activities on offer for those visitors.

Jumping rope (skipping rope/ingqathu): Two participants hold the rope on either end and swing it while the other player/s jump/s over the swinging rope and it goes under the feet,  over the head and back under the feet in a round rhythm.

Hopscotch: Played by throwing an object into squares drawn in a pattern and numbered, the player hops on one foot to go and retrieve the object from where it landed and hops back out of the pattern of squares.

Magalobha: Two players on opposite ends wear a rope going around their knees while the other player/s jump in and out of the rope. The rope can be hiked up to the waist, chest etc until the player/s cannot jump in anymore

Tag (touch): Players take turns in running after the other attempting to touch them. Once you have been touched (tagged), it’s your turn to run after the other player/s trying to tag them.

Dodge ball (shumpu): Players take turns throwing a ball at each other and dodging the ball. Once you get hit, it’s your turn to try and hit the other player/s with the ball.

3 tin: Two teams take turns hitting and rebuilding a tower made by 3 cans while dodging a ball.


Tickets are available online via Quicket. Just click on the link below or on the Quicket logo to access that page directly:

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Individual and group bookings available, select the ticket option that suits you and follow the easy steps to book your ticket.

Your ticket will then be delivered to you via email and SMS.

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Sports Health & Fitness Exchange 2018
Moses Mabhida Stadium
44 Isaiah Ntshangase Rd, Stamford Hill, Durban, 4025, South Africa
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