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Cape Town Design NPC, in collaboration with entrepreneur Charles Maisel and Thundafund, aims to host 8 pitching sessions during 2014 to expose WDC 2014 recognized projects to potential funders, mentors and collaborators.
Join us for the first sessions on 11th and 25th February from 5pm to 9pm for an entertaining and stimulating evening. Meet the minds behind dynamic design-driven projects offering innovations that address society’s needs.
Cape Town Design NPC will award R10 000 to the best project pitched at each session. Come along to get involved and put your money behind projects that move you. Maybe even walk away with new allies for your own initiatives.
See below for the projects pitching on 25th February
Why these pitching sessions?
In an effort to realize the legacy ambitions of WDC 2014 we’d like to see as many of the recognized projects as possible brought to fruition and growth. These pitching sessions aim to:
 Invite the public and business community to identify projects they would like to support.Expose projects to potential backers, through both large investments and crowdfunding.Showcase the projects, what they are offering and what they need –in terms of funding, capacity and collaborations. 
Who will be pitching?
More than 400 design-led projects were selected for recognition in the WDC Cape Town 2014 programme. Each pitching session will showcase around 20 of these projects.  See list below.
Who should attend? Media who want to tell these great stories.Anyone interested in World Design Capital CT2014 projects.Government planners who would like to support citizen initiatives.Investors and philanthropists – whether you have R500 or R1million to give.Businesses looking for transformational innovators to mentor or support in cash or kind. 

Event details:
Pitching sessions will run monthly. Visit our website for updated information.

25 Feb   25 Mar   28 Apr   27 May   24 June   29 July   26 Aug  
Arrival 5 for 5.30pm. Start 5.30pm. Pitches until 7.30pm. Networking after.
The Pavilion Conference Centre 
Clocktower Centre 
V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

R50 ticket gets you entry, one free craft beer and free popcorn.
Cash bar available.
Who is the facilitator?
Charles Maisel is founder of Innovation Shack, a company that gives support to early-stage entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Charles regularly lectures at South African universities on innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the past 10 years he has founded over 70 businesses and social enterprises in South Africa and raised over R200 million for business ventures. He holds an Honors degree in Economics from Rhodes University, became an Ashoka Global Fellow in 2000 and won a United Nations AGFUND Prize in 2002.
How will the money move?
Cape Town Design NPC has already allocated R1 million to go directly to recognised projects. We will award R10 000 to the best project pitched at each session. In addition, we have partnered with Thundafund to match the first R10 000 that WDC projects successfully raise through their Thundafund crowdfunding campaigns, up to a maximum of R900 000.
You can help us multiply this offering. Investors, philanthropists and crowdfunders can put their money (large and small) behind the projects that they believe in. Thundafund provides a mechanism for distribution directly to the project owner. Cape Town Design NPC plays a facilitative role and is not responsible for managing any agreements between donors and project owners.
These are the projects lined up to pitch on 25 February 2014. This list is subject to change.

 SHIFT Stellenbosch                                                  #WDC660 
SHIFT is a platform showcasing the innovative capacity and potential of Stellenbosch through Arts, Education, Environment, Science and Culture. SHIFT will culminate in a 24-hour event towards the end of 2014.
Project Owner: Mark Antonello    Email: [email protected]

 Foodpods                                                          #WDC595                 
FoodPods is a social enterprise/micro agribusiness that tackles food insecurity within South Africa's townships. We build sustainable farms in the heart of the townships to provide healthy and affordable vegetables to the residents. We create jobs by hiring and training locals to maintain the farms.
Project Owner: Vincent Armentano          Email: [email protected]

     The Montebello Labs                                                 #WDC283
The Lab uses an overlooked constituency in the city to incubate multi-field design production: unemployed mothers. The Lab makes women identify opportunities for production, develop competencies across a range of fields (graphic and product design, 3D-modelling, filmmaking), collaborate across fields, and test business models in the real world.
Project Owner: Mirjam Asmal                 Email: [email protected]
 Building Bridge @ Paul Cluver                                  #WDC427 
Located on the Paul Cluver Wine Estate, the Building Bridges turns alien trees, old barrels and telephone poles into pathways and bridges for mountain biking. The project started off as an initiative to build mountain biking bridges for Wine2Whales founder, Johan Kriegler.  By training local community members to build tracks and bridges, the project has provided an opportunity for skills and economic development.
Project Owner: Paul Cluver                              Email: [email protected]
 Performative Cloud Pavillion                                   #WDC470 
The Performative Cloud Pavillion is an on-site local water harvester that provides an interactive experience for the public, engaging science and nature so as to educate and inspire. It produces droplets of filtered water, which create different sounds when they fall.
Project Owner: Michele Collis         Email: [email protected]
 Creative Edge SA                                                     #WDC353 
Creativedge SA is an extra mural educational programme designed to expose Gr10-12 learners to multiple creative career disciplines, through practical learning experiences. The aim is to overcome ignorance about these industries, promote new developing sectors and augment divergent thinking skills.
Project Owner: Mariechen du Plesis        Email: [email protected]
 Re-blocking Mtshini Wam                              #WDC238 
Re-blocking Mtshini Wam showcases the co-production value in upgrading informal settlements. Once threatened through evictions, the community initiated a self-design process that re-organised shacks into "clusters" with safer and more dignified public spaces. The City can now install basic services.
Project Owner: Linda Gondo                   Email:[email protected]
 Philippi Village                                                        #WDC310 
A major brownfield site in the middle of Philippi, a marginalized township, will be redeveloped by committed role players in the private sector to provide a major socio/cultural and economic hub along the ethos of sustainable urban development in order to shift opportunity to the Cape Flats.
Project Owner: Phillip Briel           Email: [email protected]
Community led spatial design and reconfiguration of informal settlements both pre and post disaster                  #WDC236 
The spatial reconfiguration of informal settlements to those that are more rationalized leads to social cohesion, shelter upgrade and infrastructural improvements. It builds community, acknowledges the positive aspects of informality & helps bridge the urban divide including not removing the poor.
Project Owner: Andy Bolnick                            Email: [email protected]
 Shift: Sustainability Caravan                                       #WDC442 
A caravan of retrofitted buses set to travel across SA, equipped with passionate people and design tool-kits to educate, exhibit and exchange practical skills and appropriate technologies that show unique promise and potential to address the country's social, environmental and economic challenges.
Project Owner: Janine Johnston              Email: [email protected]                                                          #WDC516 an e-Marketplace. It enables small-scale handcraft producers build sustainable businesses by designing an E-commerce platform that provides easy access to online selling as a sales channel, where they promote their own brand, sell and ship directly to buyers.
Project Owner: Deidre Luzmore     Email: [email protected]
 Learning Innovation Design Lab                                   #WDC251 
The Learning Innovation Design Lab will comprise of a mix of design studio, usability test lab, model classroom, think tank and showroom that will foster and showcase African innovation in education and how it connects to and forms part of the global conversation.
Project Owner: Marco Rosa                    Email: [email protected]
 City of Eden: Food Forest Network                                #WDC601 
Using design based on forest ecology across a network of existing sites including Woodstock, Greenpoint, Khayelitsha, and Oceanview we will establish visually lush, high yielding, mostly self-sustaining food-ecosystems. Our collective skills include landscape architecture, permaculture, workshop facilitation, training and social work.
Project Owner: Anna Shevel                   Email: [email protected]
 Ceramics United South Africa Competition 2014           #WDC345 
Working with some of South Africa's most prominent ceramicists, Ceramics United ZA will hold a ceramics design competition among students, potters, and artists to unlock the country's rich and dynamic ceramics history, in turn, and share it with the world.
Project Owner: Ceramics United        Email: [email protected]

 Thermotrap                                                                   #WDC663 
Thermotrap products improve insulation in shacks. The product range includes:  a roof blanket, a wall cladding system and insulated floor tile as well as metalized foil ceiling insulation.
Project Owner: Mark Algra                     Email: [email protected]
 Mother’s Unite                                                              #WDC336 
We provide social change through children using a bottom up approach with a strong sense of inclusivity and community participation. Mothers Unite is an oasis in a gang-infested community. By demonstrating urban acupuncture we strengthen the communities social fabric.
Project Owner: Michelle Twomey   Email: [email protected]
 Regeneration of the City and Soul                                #WDC368 
Rehabilitating obsolete stock/waste and communities through engagement with the socially marginalized. Regeneration of City and Soul addresses physically run down spaces and promote effective management of waste by creating employment opportunities.
Project Owner: Paul Talliard                   Email: [email protected]

When and where?

Tue 25 Feb 2014 at 5:00 PM (SAST)
Tue 25 Feb 2014 at 8:00 PM (SAST)

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