Suits & Sneakers: Member Meet Up @ Urbanologi (7 March 2018)

Wed Mar 7, 18:00 - Wed Mar 7, 21:00


You are officially invited to the Suits & Sneakers member meet up for the month of March 2018. 

Thanks to a beautiful partnership with Eben Uys from Urbanologi and Mad Giant, we would like to invite you to a member dinner on the evening of Wednesday, 7 March 2018. Dinner will be served at our cost and there will be a cash bar available on the evening. We have booked out the restaurant for the evening and the venue is ours alone.

The evening will be a blend of dinner and networking. You will be sit where you like as you arrive and then be asked to swap tables throughout the evening in order to meet new people on the evening.


Suits & Sneakers: Member Meet Up @ Urbanologi (7 March 2018)
1 Fox St, Ferreiras Dorp, Johannesburg, 2048, South Africa
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