#TechTalkCPT: ENERGY: Affordable and Clean Energy

Wed Feb 21, 18:00 - Wed Feb 21, 21:00

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The #InventYourFuture series is the theme of the tech talks this year. We will be covering some of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations including water, food security, future cities, and more.


In February we are looking at ENERGY Affordable and Clean Energy.

“Targets for 2030 include access to affordable and reliable energy while increasing the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. This would involve improving energy efficiency and enhancing international cooperation to facilitate more open access to clean energy technology and investment in clean energy infrastructure. Plans call for particular attention to infrastructure support for the least developed countries, small islands and land-locked developing countries.”


We have experts in the renewable energy sector speaking to you about the work they are doing to change the world and meet the Sustainable Development Goals in affordable and clean energy.

Speakers at this event:

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Yogesh Gooljar         Cities: The Frontline for the "Energy 3.0" Revolution?

Katherine Persson    Renewables and the Opportunity for ‘Leapfrogging’ in Africa

Leigh-An Becker       Rooftop Solar  - Clean, Sustainable & Affordable Energy  

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Speaker 01: Yogesh Gooljar

Cities: The Frontline for the "Energy 3.0" Revolution?

Summary of the talk:
Cities dominate energy demand. Urban areas consume at least 65% of global energy and generate about three quarters of global carbon emissions. These numbers will rise as cities grow and urban economic activity expands. As the world seeks to make more efficient use of its energy resources and meet global climate targets, it is essential that cities take a leading role in future of the energy revolution. From better mass transit to a stronger mix of renewable energy, what are the most important things we can do to make cities smarter when it comes to energy use? Will digital technology and innovation enable a better quality of life and reduced energy consumption? There may be a host of data available within the urban sphere which has the potential to inform decisions within cities by providing much needed metrics. Will the the IoT tap into those metrics and unlock energy efficiency for smart cities?

Yogesh is a built environment professional currently employed as a sustainable building consultant for PJCarew Consulting in Cape Town. He undertakes new and existing buildings projects centered around sustainability, integrated design, energy efficiency, water resource management and post-occupancy monitoring and tuning. He is an advocate for performance-based building design and as such, has focused his career towards gaining interdisciplinary skills to enhance the built environment towards being more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. By promoting systems thinking, he believes that the performance gap between design and operation can be reduced through an emphasis on urban data collection and quantitative analyses. His passion for sustainability also feeds his interest in renewable energy technologies, responsible design and bio-diversity conservation among others.

Twitter handle: @YogeshGooljar

Speaker 02: Katherine Persson

Renewables and the Opportunity for ‘Leapfrogging’ in Africa

Summary of the talk:

The age-old debate of ‘why renewables’ is one that is increasingly easy to argue around dinner tables and in board rooms.  This doesn’t always translate into a sensible policy context and government support.  Cue the current South African renewable energy industry case study…!  But where do we go from here and what does the future of renewable energy technologies look like on the African continent?  In exploring this question we look at what happens when the sun doesn’t shine (and shines too much!), the opportunities for hybrid renewable energy facilities and how Africa is being presented with the opportunity to leapfrog other continents and step into the modern era of renewable energy generation.    


Katherine Persson is the General Manager of Windlab Africa, and a self-proclaimed Afro-optimist.  Windlab is a global renewable energy project developer and independent power producer, with headquarters in Canberra, Australia, and African offices in South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.  Katherine has 15 years international experience in renewable energy project development including energy project experience in 12 African countries.  She has been intimately involved in the South African renewable energy sector since its inception.  Katherine has a BSc (Hons) and MSc in environmental management, and an MBA.  Her key fields of interest include stakeholder engagement, the role of business in society and best-practice approaches for energy project development.      


Twitter handle:@kpersson_inbox

URL: windlab.com

Speaker 03: Leigh-An Becker

Rooftop Solar  - Clean, Sustainable & Affordable Energy  

Summary of the talk:

In this presentation Leigh-An will cover how the adoption of Solar PV technology has grown internationally as well as various factors making this technology so appealing for the South African market. She will explore the environmental and cost benefits that Solar PV solutions offer as well as looking at several case studies where these solutions have enabled massive growth opportunities and security of energy supply for businesses and individuals.  In closing Leigh-An will also touch on some of the future applications of Solar PV rooftop solutions.



Leigh-An Becker - Project Engineer


Leigh-An holds a BSc Mechanical Engineering degree from UCT and is registered with ECSA. She has a strong projects background and has been involved in the mining and engineering industry for the past 10-years. Driven by her passion for the environment and her desire to contribute to sustainable development, Leigh-An swopped her career in the mining industry for the rewarding field of renewable energy where she currently heads up the Solareff regional office in the Western Cape. During the past year Leigh-An has been involved in several Solareff projects including the Solar PV installations at Graham Beck Wine Estates and Mitchells Plain Shoprite Melody Walk. She is also actively involved with GreenCape and she is busy working towards becoming an Accredited Professional with the Green Buildings Council of South Africa.


Solareff is a member of SAPVIA, SACSC, GBCSA and SAAEA and is currently the South African EPC with the largest installed capacity within the embedded (rooftop) Solar PV space. Solareff has recently acquired a 75% stake in GridCars - a Pretoria based developer of electric vehicle charge point software management systems and supplier of charge points.

Twitter handle:  @solareff



#TechTalkCPT: ENERGY: Affordable and Clean Energy
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