The New Romantics artcrawl

Sat Feb 10, 10:30 - Sat Feb 10, 13:05
Shred Skatepark


In the first of this year's artcrawls art commentator Mary Corrigall will be exploring why artists are once again consumed with depicting nature in all its grandeur. Corrigall has dubbed this movement  ‘new romanticism’ as it shares characteristics with a titular movement in the late 18th century. For the first time in South Africa an exhibition dedicated to exploring a ‘romantic’ turn in contemporary art will be staged at the Barnard from January 29 to March 7. Corrigall has curated the show and this walking, talking crawl will introduce some of the artists showing their work in the exhibition.  The crawl will begin at Ruby Swinney's studio in Paarden Eiland. From here we will gather in the Newlands Forest, where Corrigall will  look at how humankind's connection to nature has been renewed in the wake of water shortages in this province. Alexia Vogel and Sarah Biggs will be in conversation in this natural setting and then at the Barnard Gallery in front of their works. Rosie Mudge will talk to her work at the New Romatnics show. The crawl will conclude with an optional light lunch at Basilico in Newlands. 

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The New Romantics artcrawl
Shred Skatepark
68 Auckland St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7420, South Africa
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