Contiki Nights Smoke and Lights

Fri Dec 8, 17:00 - Sun Feb 4, 04:00
To Be Announced


Hop City: Summer Series Hops presents Contiki Nights Smoke and Lights. This event is not for the faint of heart or the early-sleepers. It is the weekend and this is the big night out. See all that the City-Night-Life has to offer as we tear up the best and most loved bars in Cape Town in preparation for the main event: one of Cape Town’s premiere night clubs. Enjoy getting to know your fellow Hoppers as you twirl around the city bowl in a safe and relaxed environment. This is the blossoming of new friendships, this is the dark-room where memories are developed. Ride the rhythm of the city as you explore all its corners, before being carried away by waves of sound conducting the synchronous shuffle of two hundred feet. The only thing you need to do is arrive. The rest is taken care of. Some might call it magic…
What your Summer Series Hop includes:

1) One free drink at each venue as well.

2) A tasty Tappa.

3) All cover-charges covered by Hop City.

4) Transport in an around the City of Cape Town for the duration of the Hop.

5) A qualified PH (Professional Hopper) to offer support, information and to be at your side and guide you safely through the evening’s festivities. Your PH will be around until the night is over should you need any assistance whatsoever.

Mechanics of your Summer Series Hop

1) The Summer Series Hop will officially begin at a venue that will be disclosed to you the night before your hop via your preferred means of contact.

2) The event will begin at the disclosed location at 5:00 - 5:30pm. It would be wise to take into account city traffic and leave earlier to make sure you don't lose out on precious time.

3) Transport will be provided up until the final venue, from which point you are once again the master of your own destiny. It should be noted that the final venue will be in the city-centre and entirely safe and accessible for uber and/or metered taxis.

What you will need to bring

?1) A good attitude.


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