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SA-ITHUTE will be hosting the Sponsorship and Fundraising Development Mastery Program in order to help those who are struggling with sponsorship and fundraising, to overcome fear of the Unknown that’s holding them back, and to understand how mastering the skill of Sponsorship journey can change their lives.

Learn how to take your sponsorship portfolio to a whole new level. Dramatically increase funding opportunities and Build incredible teams and get your existing projects to be funding worthy. Get your business to become an asset that works for you rather than you being a slave for it. This will be the best 3 hours you have ever invested into yourself and organization, and it will pay substantial returns.

  • A CD DISC WITH ALL THE PRESENTATIONS AND TRAININGS- With the raise of digital and technology we recommend paperless we have all trainings on softcopy in Disc.
  • A DADICATED TECH TEAM TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH WEBSITE DESIGN AND ADS CAMPAIGNS- at your input one of our Technical partners will be on call to assist you with a successful web design and ads campaigns.( It’s a service at a cost)
  • TOP 10 AVATAR SPONSORS LIST TO GIVE YOU HEADSTART- You will get a list of Top 10 Sponsors within our Network to give you a Head Start to jet off your portfolio.
  • YOU WILL OBTAIN AN ENDORSEMENT LETTER FROM SA-ITHUTE AS A MEMBER OF THE CSI FORUM- Will give you a thumbs up that you’re not a newbie in the industry you have had an opportunity to go through our program.
  • 60 MINUTES STRATEGY SESSION WITH ME BEFORE YOU GO TO PITCH- You will have a complimentary one hour session with me an experience coach to verify your project if is funding worthy.
  • MONITORING AND EVALUATION- Accountability in this process it’s a must have the methodology and Process how you will be accounting to FUNDING its important.
  • INTRODUCTION TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM- Project management it’s a vital skill in this industry a sponsors wants to be convinced whether you know the Pres.  And Cons of running a project or campaign.
  • MARKETING AND PR CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES FOR SPONSORSHIP- Branding is very important component in the field of sponsorship and Fundraising so you will be taken through an understanding how to run promo campaign including branding for a sponsor ( you learn how to create campaigns)
  • FREE PASS TO OUR LIVE EVENT IN MARCH (SPONSORSHIP AND CSI SUMMIT)- This is an opportunity to have a Belly to Belly engagement with Sponsors  and a collaborative engagement Platform  to present your CSI projects.
  • 6 CORE STRATEGIC PILLARS FOR SPONSORSHIP AND FUNDRAISING – This is a Roadmap to guide you to sustain in the market and how to build a successful sponsorship portfolio.
  • NUTS AND BOLTS SESSION FOR WINNNIG PROPOSAL WRITING- You will be taken through M-Score selection strategy (960 points selection) how to compile a winning proposal.
  • 15 STRATEGIES FOR RETURN IN INVESTMENT WHEN YOU PITCH FOR SPONSORSHIP OR FUNDING- You will learn ways and innovative strategies through Digital and Technology rise in the country to leverage from it to obtain funding.
  • Presented BY:


    Expertise in Sales and Marketing
    Innovation Architect
    Digital and Technology Disruptor Guru
    Global Sponsorship and CSI Coach
    Skills development & Social Activist
    Daniel is South Africa's leading expert on Digital and ICT Integration. He has been running highly profitable initiatives on Digital and ICT since 2015 and has mastered the art of digital and ICT business! He is a practical, social entrepreneur he is driven by his innovation, research and his disruption strategies to help SME’S and Entrepreneurs in South Africa. 
    Please contact us:
    Email: [email protected] Tel: 012 753 8110 Cell: 076 201 0002

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Thu 11 Jan 2018 at 8:00 AM (SAST)
Thu 11 Jan 2018 at 4:00 PM (SAST)

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Daniel Mathibedi