Abstracted Artcrawl

Sat Dec 9, 10:30 - Sat Dec 9, 13:00
Rosetta Roastery


In the first of a series of #artcrawls investigating the rise of abstract art, art commentator and consultant Mary Corrigall will be looking at the 'roots' of this mode. She will trace how it has faciliated a rejection of conceptualism, validated intuition, and become a response to digital imagery. This will be teased out via visits to artists's studios in Woodstock and Saltriver.   Pristine and perfectly-crafted are adjectives associated with Paul Edmunds (Whatiftheworld gallery) scultpures and fine pencil drawings and Andrzej Urbanski's (Circa Everard Read) hard edged paintings (pictured above). What drives this level of perfection? How and why did they develop these languages? These are some of the questions they will address when we meet them in their studios. In contrast is Paul Senyol's (Salon 91) loose and seemingly chaotic paintings.  The artist will give us insight into the logic informing his distinctive abstract vocabulary. 

Corrigall will introduce the crawl over a good cup of coffee at Rosetta Roastery at Woodstock Exchange before walking to Paul Senyol's studio nearby.  This will be followed by visits to Andrzej Urbanski and Paul Edmunds studios in Saltriver.    The crawl will conclude with an optional light lunch at Queen of Tarts in Observatory.   

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Abstracted Artcrawl
Rosetta Roastery
66 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa
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