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Do people follow you because they have to or because you inspire them?

It is very clear that this world is infected with a disease, we have come to believe that this disease is ineffective leadership - the type of leadership that is focused on profit and position instead of people and impact.

What will start to happen if this is the case?

If we focus on profit and position, we are focused on getting to a place where people will 'fear' us instead of follow us. The difference between people following us because of our position vs. people following us because we inspire them - is immense. If we want to improve productivity and therefore profitability, we need to make sure we are looking after the people in our charge - if we don't we are ineffective - which in the long run can ruin companies. The time has moved away from people having jobs because the have to, the world has moved to a place now where if an employee doesn't like something, they won't be silent about it. As has been seen before, doing things this way can lead to increased employee turnover - which leads to the company having to spend more to hire talent, thus reducing profitability.

It has become evident that the best way to improve profitability is to improve productivity and to improve productivity, we need to deal with 'people' and 'people' don't respond to ineffective leadership. If we don't raise our leadership to a point where we can influence people well, we will be come redundant and that is catastrophic for anything we hope to achieve in the future.

Now, stay with me...

We have told you how bad ineffective leadership can be, but we want to offer to you a solution; we have been given exclusive access to some of the most successful minds around leadership on the planet and we are allowing a special group of people to learn from these guys and girls.

To be perfectly clear, this ins't for everyone. This is only for people who want to change their space - who want to be able to propel their life, business and team forward.

If that is you, keep reading...

We are hosting a simulcast, known as Live2Lead and this is a recording of the brightest leaders around the world on how they do what they do. If you are able to grasp what they are saying and apply it, you will be amazed at the results you will achieve - in a short space!

This is your road, your chance to get people to follow you because you are meant to be followed not because people have to follow you - this is a way for you to refine who you are to better lead the people you have to lead. Whether you are one person, a business owner or a manager - you need people to follow you and this simulcast, along with the hosts of this event, will be able to show you exactly how to shift your leadership to a place where people will want to follow you!

This is your chance...

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Thaba Eco Hotel
Impala Road
Kibler Park
South Africa

Mon 25 Feb 2019 at 7:30 AM (SAST)
Mon 25 Feb 2019 at 4:30 PM (SAST)

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