EOH - Suits & Sneakers 6

Thu Nov 16, 18:00 - Thu Nov 16, 21:30
The Park - House of Events on 7 in Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre


EOH has partnered with Suits & Sneakers to host the the 6th edition of the Suits & Sneakers Main Event! EOH staff are encouraged to invite customers to join them for an evening of learning, development and entertainment!


Suits & Sneakers is the university of informal education. Twice a year, we run a really big learning event aimed at every living, breathing human being in South Africa. The model is similar to the very popular TED talks held all around the world. And as always, we are very proud to say that it is FREE TO ATTEND this event!

There will be three speakers on this particular night who present excellent content with an emphasis on masterful story telling. Each speaker has between 20-30 minutes to share an impactful mentality!

Stafford Masie (former CEO of Google SA)
Mark Sham (founder & CEO of Suits & Sneakers)
* Two more names to be announced by the end of the week


EOH - Suits & Sneakers 6
The Park - House of Events on 7 in Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre
Jan Smuts Ave & William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa
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