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Tue Sep 26, 06:00 - Mon Oct 16, 17:00

NOTE: WINWINWIN - We look forward to having you win in your life, and while you Win - we win - and of course our Planet WINS - with more folks actively driving change and being the change they wish to see! For 21 days we practice liVing the WinWinWin & SMILE way... See you online...


Welcome to the official BOOKING page for the Soul Circus Online 21day Program (26th Sept - 16th October)
Your participation means you'll be able to personally practice MASSS SMILE (our manifesting mastery program) - supporting you to manifest one of your personal dreams and envision a healed and heavenly earth...
You'll receive a step-by-step manual & MP3's to guide you. Plus every day you'll have live (or recorded) access to 30mins of webinar material & direct support from your hosts and fellow participants. Co-creating - we all journey withIN and support each other becoming OUR NEXT LEVEL SELVES...

This program is for ALL conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, healers, creatives, movers and shakers, the doers - from around the world...
We are #drivingchange and co-creating and sharing joy, kindness, hope and inspiration in our communities and online.

21 Days is perfect cycle for re-programming and our course material, plus the daily online interaction and coaching is all designed to support you to step into your natural state of abundant loVe and joy, while breathing new life into your purpose here on earth and what it takes to co-create the dreams you've always hoped for...

For the online journey there's 2 ticket options:

  • ALUMNI - R900 - this ticket is exclusive for previous Soul Circus participants - who wish to take on a new dream
  • FULL participation - R1800 - this is your ticket to your next leVel self...
All participants receive the updated material (manual and Mp3's) , plus the full support of online coaching and the community - navigating you in the journey of becomming - the next leVel YOU

As we travel withIN, we clear away the parts of us that are still holding onto limitation, lack and separation.
We play with the magnificnet truth of vulnerability and we even dance with the “other” (those parts / or percieved problems you can't integrate)...
We will breathe together and sing out loud. We feel & we will heal!
Our SOUL songs & dances of appreciation and celebration will root in South Africa and ascend out to the world.

Soul Circus is nomadic festival & voluntouring retreat for artists, activators and all people who care.
We travel withIN - on the road and online. #drivingchange #TravelWithIN #SCOct17
We co-create and drive the change we wish to see, and become the ring-masters of our lives.
Find out more on SoulCircus(dot)org

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