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Course Modules:

Blockchain Fundamentals / Ethereum / Decentralized Applications / Smart Contracts

This training rapidly introduces participants to blockchain technology, its use cases and technological impact on various industries, focusing specifically on Ethereum. In the morning, we provide you with a profound technical understanding of blockchain, cryptography and ethereum, without requiring programming skills or prior knowledge of the blockchain. The course then dives into the practical (d)applications and use cases, the Ethereum community, cryptocurrency exchanges with practical examples where users interact with live smart contracts.


Theory and Fundamentals – (Morning Session)

  • Blockchain overview and fundamentals

  • Cryptographic hashes and Merkle Trees

  • Understanding Ethereum

  • Smart contract capabilities and limitations

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

Practical Applications and Ethereum – (Afternoon Session)

  • Ethereum community and innovation mechanisms

  • The decentralized application landscape

    • Activity - Interacting with Ethereum: account creation, transaction auditing and interaction with a smart contract

  • Smart contract complexity and risks: The DAO

  • Blockchain Innovation Brainstorming and Q&A

  • Activity – Brainstorming and discussion of blockchain technology



No prior knowledge of blockchain or Bitcoin is required.

Bringing your laptop may be beneficial for notes - Wifi on site



Snacks and Lunch will be provided

At the end of the course participants will be provided with a certificate on the blockchain.


About Linum Labs

Linum Labs is a Blockchain production studio with a focus on blockchain consulting, training and community aggregation. We strive to be at the forefront of Blockchain thought leadership and development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe with our HQ located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.
While being Blockchain agnostic in our development approach and utilizing both public, private and sidechain solutions, we specifically have strong capabilities with the Ethereum platform, with which we are also currently offering training to our corporate clients. Our training ranges from beginners Ethereum training through to enterprise development understanding for CEO’s and the more advanced technical training for developers.
Besides assisting corporate entities with Blockchain solutions and developing our own products, we host the Ethereum Meetups in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Prague and Dubai – as well as participate in hackathons, organize community- and industry specific events and engage with incubators and universities.


Contact Details

Devon Krantz

Head of Operations

Linum Labs Blockchain Enterprise Architects

Cell: 0726105256

Email: [email protected]


When and where?

Rise Cape Town
66 - 68 Albert Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Sat 18 Nov 2017 at 9:00 AM (SAST)
Sat 18 Nov 2017 at 4:00 PM (SAST)

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