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Legal/Hub Lessons: 2
Consumer Protection Online - Keeping your Customers and the Regulators happy

The second workshop in the Legal/Hub Series at Jozihub in partnership with Legalese.

In Legal/Hub Lesson 2, we delve a layer deeper in the world of e-commerce platforms, and workshop the vital arena of Online Consumer Protection. We'll look at fundamental elements of bringing consumer protection rights and duties into your website operations and online business functions. Compliance keeps the regulators at bay, and makes your customers give you those 5 stars! 

Workshop Outline

Introduction (3min):
What is Consumer Protection (rights before, during and after a transaction) 
The 2 prong motivation for it: 
Ensuring compliance with laws to avoid regulator investigation and sanction (investigation and sanction are different and equally in need of avoidance); and
Assuring customers that your website and service is reliable, professional and lawful.

Applicable laws and policies detailing Consumer Protection rights and obligations (15min):

Consumer Protection Act
Electronic Communications and Transactions Act
The Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act 
Film & Publications Act, and Amendment Bill
Cybersecurity Bill

Possible Policies:
ASA Marketing Code
Private platform Codes (e.g. Facebook, eBay, HelloPretty)

Why have Consumer Protection, specifically online (20min):
To keep customers reassured that your operation is legitimate and professional at each fundamental stage of a transaction, especially in an intangible form (including practical examples); and
To adhere to the law and ensure that regulators have no reason to contact you and find problems with your operation (including practical examples).

What are the most important themes and their practical manifestations on websites (20min):
How items are presented to customers - labelling, pricing, applicable fees, language used, claims, layout, prescribed warnings etc. (including practical examples)
The features / tools used by the website to action the purchase - security, payment tech., user registration, encryption technologies etc. (including practical examples)
Getting the product from supplier to customer - concluding contract, delivery, risk, customs, warranties (automatic and contractual), returns etc. (including practical examples)
Marketing for your website - marketing limitations, opt-out rights, request/amend/delete personal information, cooling-off period etc. (including practical examples)

Q & A (25min)

When and where?

44 Stanley Avenue
South Africa

Thu 31 Aug 2017 at 9:30 AM (SAST)
Thu 31 Aug 2017 at 11:00 AM (SAST)

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