Art of Touch - Basic workshop - 14-15 October 2017

Sat Oct 14, 09:00 - Sun Oct 15, 15:00
37 Dennington Ave


Art of Touch Basic - Workshop - NON – Residential

Most growth processes you can embark on with Bodywork4men begin in our Basics workshops and revolve around the body, energy, meditation, touch erotic touch trust and massage. Thereafter, it is important to safely and consciously explore and integrate our shadow aspects (dependencies, addictions, limiting habits and untapped potentials). 

What advantages does the training offer compared to individual workshops? 

Workshops tend to open new doors and point to new possibilities but once they’re over, participants don’t have a structure within which to deepen the new skills they’ve learned and to implement change in their lives. That is the purpose of a committed long term process within the same group. The longer the same group is together, the more genuine trust can be built, growth can go further and deeper. We will use tools that aim to create lots of space for individual experience, expression and exploration based on your truth.

Who would benefit from this?
  • Men who are interested in healing.
  • Men who want change in their lives and need a strong structure to support it.
  • Men who want to explore living a vibrant, erotically and spiritually integrated life.
  • Men who want to step into their potential.
  • Men who want to explore authentic self-expression through body, sex and voice.
  • Men who work in helping or healing professions and want to learn about hands- on approaches that include intimacy, Eros and sexuality.
  • Men who want to cultivate a deep connection to living in the here and now.
  • Men who want to broaden their consciousness
  • Men who want to learn to be lovers in the broadest and the most specific sense of the word.

What if I want to drop out at some point? 
Of course that is your prerogative, but you would risk missing the benefit of the program. You might compare that to taking an half-baked bread out of the oven?
Can we participate as a couple?

What if I fall in love with another participant? 
Welcome it. That’s something we can’t control, can we? Depending on the specific circumstances we then would discuss with you how best to proceed. It certainly could be a great topic to include into your overall process?

What if I can’t stand one of the other participants in the group? 
Fantastic! Just like real life, isn’t it.  Except, now you have to deal with it. But how? That is exactly the kind of thing we will address. Also, through your work with yourself your perception of others will change for the better.

How many participants will the group have?

Is this a residential workshop?

Our workshops are a challenge on many levels. They form an entirely special framework that has little to do with usual thought concepts and standards of behaviour. They are for people, who care about wanting to find something and who want to go on new paths. Basically all workshops are open to beginners - with the exception of the advanced workshops. All that you need for the workshops is your readiness to test your boundaries and perhaps redefine them. In your decision to participate, simply let yourself by led by the subject that particularly speaks to you.

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If you are sincere in wanting to attend, and the financial scale is challenging, contact me directly and we can likely work something out. I want anyone who this may be important for to be able to attend.


Art of Touch - Basic workshop - 14-15 October 2017
37 Dennington Ave
Winston Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa
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