Room To Play

Mon Sep 11, 13:00 - Mon Sep 11, 16:00
Tshimologong Precinct


Please note: This workshop requires booking and a motivation in order for you to attend. Bookings without motivation will not be considered. Please make sure you use the same name on the ticket and the motivation.

This workshop will explore playful and fun approaches to building electronic musical instruments and controllers. We’ll use everyday objects and interactions and to make and manipulate sounds. Maybe a knife and fork instrument? Or a football synthesizer?! Or a tabletop drum machine! The end result will be chaotic and noisy (and therefore: fun). Join the ColabNowNow and Fak'ugesi Beats Lab participants for this workshop, spaces for non lab members is limited and must be motivated for.

Yann Seznec is a French/American artist and musician living in Edinburgh whose work focuses on sound, music, physical interaction, games, and building new instruments. Much of this work involves building custom instruments such as musical pigsties, touch sensitive harps, electromechanical mushroom spore instruments, and more. Most recently his "Kronoscillator" instrument was used extensively by the Kronos Quartet, and he completed a Playable City residency in Lagos, Nigeria, with Watershed and the British Council. In December 2015 he received the British Composer Award for Sonic Art for his 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival work “Currents”.

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Room To Play
Tshimologong Precinct
39-47 Juta St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
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