Baltic Silo - Operation Urgent Fury - The invasion of Granada

Sat Sep 30, 09:00 - Sat Sep 30, 16:30
Baltic Silo

Airsoft HQ - Dead of Night - Day / Night game

Operation Urgent Fury - The invasion of Granada

"More than 5000 medals awarded for merit and valor"

The classic struggle of Communism and Capitalism. The players - the U.S., the Cubans the factions of Granada but almost the entire Caribbean states were affected and involved.

Granada, having gained independence from the UK almost a decade before were taken over by a leftist coup in 1979 and a number of high level executions prompted the Reagan administration to launch a military intervention. The politics were a complicated web of opinions and lies but as usually it all boiled down to the forces in the field.

The U.S. Army's Rapid Deployment force who were the 1st and 2nd Ranger battalions and 82nd Airborne paratroopers were accompanied by U.S. Marines, U.S. Army Delta Force and Navy Seals and made up a force of over 7500 troops.

Large Contingents of Cuban troops however stood to thwart their plans. Castro would not lie down easily. As usual, it was hard to distinguish between civilans and cuban forces.

Critical points were the first focus of battle as the Airport, the Radio station, the Fort and prison as well as a rescue attempt to evacuate Governor General Scoon from his mansion were top priorities for both forces.

Death Rags and respawn bandages are compulsory. (available for sale on the day for convenience @R20 and R5 respectively) 
Barrel Socks and Radio communications are optional but highly recommended.

Venue    Baltic Silo,  Krugersdorp mine

Venue Description
BALTIC SILO - 23 Hectares of game play area.
- Diverse field with plenty of CQB opportunities, sniper nests and ambush setups.
- Bush warfare terrain, urban CQB, Large factory environment, underground catacombs, defensible bunkers, artillery shell hole field, and plenty more.
- This field is bottleneck-free as there are so many features and there is always a way around. Flanking options are always available.
- This is a tactical teamplay field - Radios are essential.
Special Combat meal - Lunch will be provided at this game. Cold drinks and water also for sale.

BALTIC SILO - From Pretoria: Take N14(R28) towards Krugersdorp follow this road all the way until the end robots at Cradlestone Mall. Continue straight up the ridge. From  the Silverstar Casino robots drive exactly 11.5km past Key West Shopping Centre, over Main Reef road (R24) straight towards Kagiso. Just after the African Brick Centre on the right look for Baltic Silo signs for dirt road to the left. Signs will be seen 11.5km from Silverstar on the same road. 
From Randburg: Take N1 and exit 14th Ave off-ramp, get onto Hendrik Potgieter Road going North. Go past Clearwater Mall / Makro and continue all the way until Cradlestone Mall. Just after Cradlestone Mall turn left onto N14 (R28). At next Robots at Silverstar Casino (set trip to zero) drive exactly 11.5km past Key West Shopping Centre, over Main Reef road (R24) straight towards Kagiso. Just after the African Brick Centre on the right look for Baltic Silo signs for dirt road to the left. Signs will be seen 11.5km from Silverstar on the same road.

GPS Coordinates  BALTIC SILO - 26° 8'5.70"S 27°46'22.30"E
"Baltic Silo Entrance" is active on Google maps. It appears as "Airsoft HQ Baltic Silo Entrance". Turn left at this point to take you to the safe zone.

Cost per person:
Baltic Silo GAME PASS:  at R190
Early Bird tickets at R145. Only 25 tickets are available up to midnight 18 September
Both tickets include lunch
Bookings only on Quicket!


Start Time: from 9:00am for Registration and Chrono
                           10:30 for Safety Brief and game briefing and team planning.
                           11:30pm prompt - Game start. Until 4:30pm

Other   Accessories, BB's, safety eyewear and other items will also be available on sale. Mastercard and Visa welcome as well as Snapscan.

Remember Tickets Close at 5pm on Friday 29 September 2017.
EARLY BIRD TICKET PRICE ENDS midnight 18 September 2017 (Only 25)

RENTALS: R200 Deposit & R200 Rental  Includes AEG, High-cap Magazine with 300 rounds and safety goggles/glasses for the game.

Get ahead of the rest and download a labelled map of the field: Visit

Airsoft Rules & Regulations

Airsoft HQ is not responsible for loss, damage or injury, even death should it occur at an event. Players are responsible for themselves and play at their own risk. Minors [under 18] play at the expressed consent of their parents or guardians. We often play in dangerous areas (damaged buildings or thick fields) so you have been warned to take safety seriously.
Safety is paramount
  • Treat your airsoft gun as if it were a real firearm outside playing area: - weapons must be set on “safe” - magazines out - holster your pistols.
  • Sling your rifle, OR carry rifle pointing down.
  • NO FIRING IN SAFE AREA - Do NOT fire your airsoft gun in the safe area only use designated safe zones to test fire. Strict disciplinary action will be taken for infringements. No airsoft or ballistic device or pyrotechnic may be discharged in the safe zone.
  • Airsoft rated Goggles or glasses are to be worn at ALL times in the field of play and at the designated testing / Chrono area. Eye protection may never be removed during play or at the testing range. The player must leave the field if problems occur with the goggles or glassed and fix them in the safe area.
  • No physical contact (punches/slaps/head butts) is allowed at any time. No real knives or firearms may be carried onto the field! Plastic or rubber fake knives which are not sharp or potentially dangerous may be used for game play.
  • In the event that a person is spotted without eye protection (whether it is a player or non-player) the game must immediately stop. Players must call "BLIND MAN!" when they spot such a person, to which all players in audible range also repeat the shout. Marshall will announce when game play can continue.
  • No-one is allowed onto the field unless they are wearing airsoft rates eye protection. This includes marshals, cameramen, and other non-players.
  • Non-players (usually designated by safety reflective clothing) may be fired upon under any circumstances.
  • We often play in hazardous environments and players can get hurt. Be aware of your surroundings pot holes, rough terrain, building rubble and play sensibly. SHOES or Boots should have thick soles and preferably some ankle protection!! Be carefully of running as the terrain will likely have unseen obstacles which may cause injury.
  • Watch out for snakes/scorpions etc.
Game Area Safety Rules
  • Goggles or glasses worn at ALL times in the field of play. Ballistic rated glasses and goggles only.
  • Each player is required to sign the indemnity form. No player may enter the game
    area without signing the document.
  • Safety Marshall should advise all players as to potential hazards in the field of play to best of his knowledge.
Game Play Safety Rules
  • Blind firing is strictly prohibited. Blind firing is the act if discharging a firearm when not being able to see where the shot is going. Commonly, this involves pointing a rifle around the corner with the body and head concealed and firing. As a general rule, always look down your sights when shooting.
  • Headshots are not cool so avoid them as much as possible. Head shots are strongly discouraged and are only allowed when no other part of the target's body is visible. They do happen though, so make sure your goggles and gear are in good order.
  • No headshots under 5 meters are allowed under any circumstances.
  •  In CQB (Close Quarter Battle) environments where you expect to meet players at distances closer than 10 meters, Only SEMI AUTO fire is allowed.
  • No full auto fire is allowed into buildings or structures as ricochets become too intense.
  • No shooting over the walls / Fences or out of the game area or into safe zone.
  • It is highly advisable that there is at least ONE medical emergency kit at the venue. If you have one, please bring it along.
  • Drones are not Targets EVER. They are getting video footage or marshalling. You will be held liable for any damages to any equipment or game props.
  • All airsoft weapons taken into the field of play are to be chronograph tested with .20 gram BB’s. This includes rifles, handguns and shotguns.
  • Velocity or FPS (feet per second) is limited as per the following:
    • 400fps for assault rifles.
    • 450fps for Designated Marksman Rifles and the rifle must have a magnified scope.
    • 500fps for Sniper rifles that are either Bolt Action o can only fire semi-auto.
    • 400fps for green gas handguns
    • 360fps for C02 weapons. 
  • Designated Marksman and Snipers (regardless of fps) are limited to a minimum engagement range of 40m.
  • All guns are Chronographed at games to ensure compliance. Random Checks in field will also be conducted and hot weapons will result in a player being banned from that game. Multiple infringements will result in a permanent ban from the fields.
  • The only weapons that are allowed to shoot up to 500fps are those of snipers, only SEMI AUTO or BOLT-ACTION ONLY! Sniper rifles also may not engage any player within 40 meters (can be tested.)
  • No HPA rifles are allowed to be used on our fields unless they are a semi permanent fixture to a vehicle.
Game Rules (subject to change from time to time based on the scenario)
  • Calling HIT! Should be visible and loud. Any part of the body! Even ricochet. YOU don't marshal this! Knife Kills do not require a Hit to be called.
  • Airsoft is a Game of honour. Call your hits. – Players caught cheating in this regard will be made to wear an ORANGE HELMET.
  • Death rags are compulsory and are to help prevent a person being shot when already dead or wounded.
  • The Bang Kill rule is optional. When approaching a player the bang kill can be used when all the following circumstances apply:
    • You are within 5 metres of the opposing player.
    • Their back or their side is to you.
    • You are looking down the sights of your gun targeted at the enemy.
    • Your gun is in a theoretical and practical usable state. i.e. it has not been hit and rendered useless by game play AND/OR you have BB ammunition and the gun is not broken.
    • The enemy is completely not aware of your immediate presence.
  • A shot with a BB will always take presence over a bang kill.
  • We are GUESTS. Please treat the venue with respect and make sure that you keep it clean. (Even if it was not when you got there!)
  • In general and at all times you are representing the game of Airsoft. Make sure that your conduct is impeccable and that you are a true ambassador of the sport. Any player that brings the game of Airsoft into disrepute on or off the field will be banned from attending future games.
  • SWEARING - use of explicit language (swearing) is strongly discouraged and may be punishable if the marshal finds it to be unsportsmanlike and/or offensive.
  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted while the player is participating or planning to participate in any game.
  • No Politics - We're here to have fun, learn something, and make friends.
I agree to indemnify  the organisers and its servants and agents against all damages, loss, claims, costs and expenses for which they become legally liable as a result of bodily injury to persons and/or damage to material property arising out of any negligent act during the course of the event. I (the undersigned) assume liability for:
a)  Any damage to the standing property during the course of the event.          
b)  Any loss or damage to equipment on the premises.            
c)  Take full and complete responsibility for my action and am aware that my attendance and participation is entirely at my own risk.
I am aware of the inherent risks associated with Airsoft and the types of battlefields that are used. I agree to obey all generally accepted safety procedures at all times and agree to any rules laid out by  facilitators and staff. I understand any offences or dangerous play can result in me being removed from the field of play/ venue and I will forfeit all fees paid.
Respawn Rules All Teams:
Each soldier has a maximum of 3 hits before considered dead and needs to respawn at a field hospital
Upon taking a hit, a soldier is to display his death rag signaling he has been hit and lie down.
He will then start his 3 minute bleed-out time. If he bleeds out he must go respawn at the field hospital.
Before that time runs out, anyone may bandage his arm (arm opposite to team colour) for him to respawn into the game.
When hit:        he loses the use of his legs completely
                        he may be dragged, carried or drag himself to a safer spot and crawl about without using his legs
                        he will lose the use of his primary weapon used at the time
                        he can scream for medics,
                        he can give away enemy positions,
                        he can choose to defend himself with a secondary weapon or grenade.
With any aggressive action  he is liable to being shot again which will equate to complete death and he must go and respawn at his field hospital. He may not be fired upon when displaying his death rag unless he draws a secondary weapon or continues after warning, some aggressive action. Calling for a medic and bandaging another wounded comrade are not considered aggressive.
On 3rd Hit, only a designated field doctor/medic can give come to his aid with a "Mirth-ine Shot" (cause its funny!). This is a syringe with a dice in it. The dice is shaken and then the syringe is plunged into the soldiers leg as if injecting. When dice is trapped the number seen from where the needle is normally inserted denotes the extent of the soldiers injury.  This will determine the prognosis:
1) Apply a bandage to right leg
2) Two minute downtime, stationery
3) Two minute downtime and 30m retreat
4) Two people must apply pressure for 2 minutes. Injured may not shoot.
5) He must be carried back 20m by two colleagues
6) Dead! - go respawn. Start as a new soldier.
Should the soldier bleed-out before he is bandaged at any stage or attended to by a field medic, he will die and then return to the field hospital
(bleed-out = instant death)
Other Aspects:
- Stabs with a knife also count as instant death and no "hit" may be called.
- A hit to the gun is considered a hit to the body.
- All bandages must be at least 2m long.
- Soldiers may not play dead or wounded.
- Death Rags must be completely concealed when still alive and fit.
- Weapons can be disabled by enemy if they touch them and say "Disarmed" realistically.
- No soldier may bandage himself .
- Medics/Field doctors respawn the same way but any soldier can use his syringe for his 3rd hit.
Respawn after death: On a 4th hit, receiving 6 on the dice or bleeding out, return to the designated field hospital, remove and roll his 3 bandages and  re-enter the game as a new fresh soldier.

Hint: To make it clearer what help you need it is advised that you call your team colours as well so people know who you are looking for assistance from.  "Wounded Blue" or "Wounded Yellow" for example when anyone on your team can bandage you. When it is your 3rd hit you may might then cry "Medic Blue" so that your team know that only a medic can assist you and others need not put themselves in harms way unnecesarily.
1.5J Energy Level Assault (Based on 400f/s 0.2g)
1.9J Energy Level DMR (Based on 450f/s 0.2g)
2.4J Energy Level Sniper (Based on 500f/s 0.2g)
DMR must have zoomed scope  
Sniper should only shoot Semi Auto or Bolt action
Pistols should  chrono the same as Assault. 


Baltic Silo - Operation Urgent Fury - The invasion of Granada
Baltic Silo
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