MakerSpace a PBL experience

Tue Oct 24, 15:00 - Tue Oct 24, 17:00
St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria


Pretoria, we are coming to town! Join us and our host, St Mary’s DSG, for an exciting session to explore the support MakerSpaces can lend a Project Based Learning experience.

Making and PBL may look like two completely different educational movements, but in reality, they work well together and each strengthens the other. That is because both share a common fundamental underpinning: both approaches honour students’ curiosity about the world. This workshop offers hands-on experience in planning a PBL activity with the support of MakerSpaces.

For more information please contact:   [email protected]

Please note there are no refunds available once tickets have been booked.


MakerSpace a PBL experience
St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria
186 Duxbury Rd, Hillcrest, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa
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