‘Dirty Laundry’ Drama Production

Thu Aug 17, 19:00 - Sat Aug 19, 21:00
RGHS Kemp Hall


A naïve Actress finds herself on a vast, bare stage. She thinks she might be late for an audition, but cannot be sure. The shadowy space of the theatre looms large and threatens to engulf her, until the arrival of an enchanted Wardrobe Mistress who insists on fitting the Actress for roles she might play.

The forgotten theatre costumes are inhabited by Dirty Little Secrets. These are ghostly personifications which are evoked by discarded clothes of past productions, of stories which once resounded through the auditorium.

Join us from 17-19 August in the Kemp Hall at Rustenburg Girls’ High School and be transported through fantasy and illusion, between comedy and tragedy, pathos and farce.


‘Dirty Laundry’ Drama Production
RGHS Kemp Hall
44 Campground Rd, Rosebank, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa
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