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Dis 7nm, die 2de Sept. in Pretoria. Jy geniet 'n betowerende aand van klavier, begelei deur 'n kontrabas, tromme en kitaar. Jy word weggevoer deur die 8-stuk strykensemble en verwonder jou aan die talent van hierdie jong mense: die jongste is 8 jaar oud! Jy laat toe dat die ballerina jou op 'n verbeeldingsvlug neem. Dan, natuurlik, neem jy deel aan die interaktiewe oomblik waar Riaan, met die insette van die gehoor, 'n splinternuwe stuk komponeer, net-daar, op die verhoog. Hierdie beloof om 'n uitmuntende aand te wees, soos die voriges. Moet dit nie misloop nie!
Ek kyk uit om sommer baie van julle daar te sien!

It's 7pm, the 2nd of Sept. in Pretoria. You're enjoying an enchanted evening of piano, accompanied by a contrabas, drums and guitar. You are enthralled by the 8-piece strings-ensemble and are amazed by the talent of these young people: the youngest being only 8 years old! You allow the ballerina to take you on flights of the imagination. Then, of course, you take part in the interactive moment where Riaan composes a brand-new song right there on-stage, with input from you, the audience. This promises to be as exceptional an evening as the ones before. Do not miss it!
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Enjoy an enchanting evening of piano music along with the Jazz Trio, which includes an upright bass and a brush kit. Let the ballerina enthrall your sense of sight as the piano soothes your sense of sound.  And, of course, be part of the audience-band collaboration in composing a brand new song, right there, on stage, with audience (that's you!) interaction!

Riaan Eloff Rendezvous is my first solo concert, into which I have poured many great ideas, creativity and passion.  The evening promises to enchant, with various tasteful elements which enthrall.  Obviously I will be giving it my all on the piano, but I also have the privilege of being accompanied by an extremely accomplished, recognized and established jazz-trio, consisting of Corné Dannhauser, Stefan Nel and Wiehahn Eksteen.

Corné will be on upright and electric bass guitar, with credits to his name like Coenie De Villiers, Anna Davel, Nathaniël and scores more, while Stefan Nel is on drums.  Wiehahn Eksteen is a passionate and emotional guitarist and friend of more than 30 years, bringing his own colour and flair to the guitars.

As if that's not enough, we are in for a treat with the String Ensemble.  It consists of an amazing group of young players ranging from the youngest at age 8, to advanced players in their twenties..

Yet, the cast is not complete!  Vanessa Bornman, a ballerina of note, will also make very definitive appearances on several of my own compositions.  Be prepared to be moved by the sights and sounds as she performs both en-pointe and flat.

Probably one of the most climactic moments of the evening will most certainly be the live composition! The band and myself will compose a song off-the-cuff, based on suggestions and input from the audience.  YES!  Believe it or not, we are putting ourselves on the spot to compose a song right there, with audience interaction.

You will be able to voice your opinion of tempo, key, chords, style, all to challenge this great team of musicians to be their very best! A soft toy will be randomly thrown into the audience, and audience members will participate in composing a new song, live, right there in the moment, by giving their input. The band will then play that composition, and the audience will hear their shared, interactive composition which will be unique to that specific evening, and that specific audience.  This is an experience NOT to miss!

The recital will include various of my own compositions, such as "Love in the rain", "Affections", "So Alleen" and several others, both known and unknown. Besides those, some favourite jazz-standards are included, such as "Misty", "Autumn Leaves", "All of me" and others. Even though most of the show is a very easy-listening, soothing and relaxing piano recital, we do include one or two "movers-and-shakers" in the round-up, just to keep the juices flowing!

I look forward to seeing you at this concert, and assure you that my desire for this event is that not just myself and the cast, but every member of the audience have an unforgettable evening.

Refreshments will be on sale before and after the event.
Some quick appetizers from the previous concert.  Enjoy!



When and where?

St Albans College Theatre
110 Clearwater Rd
South Africa

Sat 02 Sep 2017 at 7:00 PM (SAST)
Sat 02 Sep 2017 at 9:00 PM (SAST)

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