Tue Jul 25, 18:30 - Tue Jul 25, 22:30
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Come build an IoT tic-tac-toe game with us!!
You need minimal knowledge of electronics and coding, and you are welcome to attend even if you have not attended any previous workshops. We are encouraging everyone from all works of life ages to come so that we can have an all inclusive community that is learning to build kick ass things with tech!

This event will centre around the idea of getting theNodeMCU to produce useful output. Topics that will be touched on include:

- Digital outputs
- Pulse width modulation
- Driving external hardware (transistors or relays)
- LEDs as output
- Shift Registers: What to do when you don't have enough output pins on your chip

Your teacher for the evening:
Casey Callaghan, he obtained his degree in computer engineering, which was described as halfway between electronic engineering and computer science; this has given him a broad base of general knowledge of both hardware and software, which he puts to use mostly from the software side. He's currently employed writing software which is only ever intended to be run on a single computer; usually because it's working with custom hardware (which is sometimes even designed before the software).

The components included with the electronics ticket are:
- 3 x 74hc595n shift registers,
- 12 x bi-colour LEDs,
- 26 x 220 ohm registors,
- 2 x push buttons,
- 40 x jumper wires (female to male),
- breadboard,
- matrix board,
- optional (full house ticket): NodeMCU ESP8266.

Previous events have involved teaching people how to work with theNodeMCU; and how to get data into the NodeMCU in the form of sensor information.

Yes girls are more than welcome and please do attend if you have not attended previous workshops. You can find previous material on our website:


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