SQLSaturday Cape Town Precon - Hot ideas and plain cold facts on making Integration Services work for YOU! with Steve Simon

Fri Sep 8, 08:30 - Fri Sep 8, 16:30
The River Club



Steve Simon is a Data Platform MVP and a senior BI Development Engineer with Carousel Industries. He has been involved with database design and analysis for over 32 years. Steve has presented papers at numerous PASS Summits and PASS SQL Rallies. He is also regular presenter on the SQL Saturday circuit and he is a regular contributor on SQLShack.com

Course details:

Data availability is only a half the story in being able to provide timely information to the decision maker. Moreover, this information is oft times critical to the corporate mission success.
This “hands on” pre-conference session will be concentrating on how to optimally utilize the features of SQL Server Integration Services to build an Integration Services solution which will process corporate data in a manner in which corporate information may be formulated from our data.
Topics will include

  • Package storage: the pros and cons of database storage vs. file system storage.
  • Introduction to the package concept. Physically creating packages and a detailed discussion of many of the gotcha’s that you may and will encounter.
  • What is a package and why do we use them (20 minutes).
  • Why utilize SQL Server Integration Services (20 minutes):  An introduction to the product.
  • We shall be developing and implementing both.
  • Performance testing of packages.
  • Creating SQL Serve Agent Jobs, running scheduling these jobs and we shall be discussing in detail many of the gotcha’s including maintaining accurate agent execution plans.
  • Integration Services and Master Data Services daily load processing.
  • Integration Services and Data Quality Services daily load processing.
  • Extracting data from the cloud and loading of data into local warehouses.
  •  Utilizing Integration Services controls to extract, manipulate and transform, and load our raw data into our databases and warehouses in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • The effective utilization of Integration Services “transforms”.
  • Control flows and Data Flows. What are they and why do we need them? How do we utilize them?
  • All the techniques that we shall be working through have been utilized on two major North American projects. One point though, rest assure that you will leave this session with more questions than answers!   

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