SQLSaturday Cape Town Precon-SQL Server for T-SQL and .Net Developers with Mladen Prajdic

Fri Sep 8, 08:30 - Fri Sep 8, 16:30
The River Club



Mladen Prajdic is a SQL Server MVP from Slovenia and has been a C# and SQL Server developer for over 15 years. He blogs at http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/mladenp and develops a popular add-in for SSMS called SSMS Tools Pack (http://www.ssmstoolspack.com).

Course details:

Aimed at T-SQL and .Net developers, and DBA's that want to see what developers have to deal with, in this pre-conference session we'll go over what every developer dealing with SQL Server and .Net has to know to be as effective and productive as possible. This day-long session is the result of years working with .Net and SQL Server and hopefully it will give you more than a few ideas on how to apply them.

The modules we'll cover are:
1) Normal forms, data structures and data types to make you understand why the database is designed the way it is and how to make it better and faster from the start.
2) Isolation levels and locking provide us with knowledge about concurrency and blocking issues and how to maintain good data integrity. 
3) T-SQL tips and tricks will teach you to write better, faster and more optimized queries.
4) Diving into the .Net SqlClient to show some interesting database access features to make your programming easier. 
5) Saving the best for last, we'll look at a few attack vectors that can be used against your company, with not only focusing on technical, but on social engineering aspects as well, and what you as a developer can and should do to protect against them.

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