Overview of different programme design and planning tools

Wed Jul 26, 15:00 - Wed Jul 26, 15:45

NOTE: Southern Hemisphere's Webinar Series: Webinar 1 - Overview of different programme design and planning tools


Are you looking to broaden and sharpen your working knowledge of planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning? Our webinars aim to simplify the terms and concepts in a way that is concise, yet combining both theory and practice. 

At Southern Hemisphere, we conceptualise Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning as a cycle – beginning with Defining your project or programme, then Measuring, Learning and Improving. We have structured the webinar series around these segments.

Module 1: Define

The first step in good project cycle management is having a strong concept, design and plan. This module covers these topics.
Module 2: Measure
Measurement is the process of data collection and management. This ranges from designing good indicators to developing an evaluation framework.
Module 3 Learn
The learning module includes how to think like an evaluator and how to analyse and report in a way that is useful for programme improvement.
Module 4: Improve
The last module covers improvement. It is essential that the lessons that we learn through monitoring and evaluation are used not only for accountability, but also for improvement – proving and improving. 

First webinar of Module 1 will be:
Overview of different programme  design and planning tools
  • Good principles for programme design and planning
  • Different design and planning frameworks and the benefits and challenges of each
  • Using evidence for design and planning
Wilma Wessels-Ziervogel26 July

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