The !sh - Class of Hard Knocks

Thu May 25, 18:30 - Thu May 25, 22:00
J&B Hive Johannesburg

NOTE: Only 50 seats are available

The !sh - Class of Hard Knocks

This is the launch of a series of events that seeks to dispell the myths about entrepreneurship being glamorous. Truth is, ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED

We have invited entrepreneurs and business owners to share their stories so we can all learn from their challenges and missed opportunities. Find out how they recovered, applaud their successes and find out their plans for the future.

The !sh that should have happened but didn’t. The !sh that actually happened. The !sh we should talk about but we don’t. 

The !sh - Class of Hard Knocks

Please note:
Food and drinks will be on sale at the venue.
Only 50 seats are available.
Chule Gobodo is the co-owner of Brainbow Conscious Creatives - a woman owned creative agency that creates branded films.

As a boutique African agency they aim is to tell stories that uplift and inspire people. 

Find out how this self-proclaimed "Love Activist" has navigated her entrepreneurial journey and managed a partnership with Mukundi Lambani and Kutlwano Makgalemele.

They met in film school in 2005, each with a dream to create an epic story.
Little did they know that they would embark on an adventure of spiritual growth, self awareness and love by starting a business together. Through the years they've evolved but one common thread has remained untethered - A mission to spread love through storytelling
Neo Kuaho is the Founder YDIDI which distributes information on bursaries, scholarships, careers, vacancies and procurement opportunities specifically for the youth.

From his story you will find out how he has struck several partnerships with organizations such as YFM and the National Youth Development Agency to drive his mission. A story like this comes with its fair share of challenges, disappointments and plenty of lessons learnt on partnering, sponsorships etc.

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