Make it Ferment - Culturing Gut Health

Sun May 7, 09:30 - Sun May 7, 14:30

Joshua Tree Organics


Whether it's the ancient Mongols and their sauerkraut, the ancient Indians and their pre-dinner lassi yoghurt drink, the Russians and their milk keffir, or the Koreans and their kimchi, fermented foods have been around for ages. Extolled for its plethora of health benefits through the action of beneficial bacteria, it's long been known that ferments unlock important nutrients in foods, improves flavour, optimizes your immune system, detoxifies your body and is critical to a holistic approach to health and food security.
Come share in this collaborative course as we explore:
  • Ferment basics
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Sourdough
  • Kombucha
  • Keffir and keffir cheese
  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut, and
  • Effective Micro-organisms
This is a shared learning and practical workshop where we'll get hands on making all of the above, leaving you with enough practical experience to go home and start making your own ferments. Participants will also receive cultures of all of the above (where necessary), the cost of which is included in your ticket price.

Cost per person is R300.

In the spirit of transparency, please see this link for a breakdown of our estimated costs. If you feel inspired to gift a ticket to someone else, consider puchasing a Pay it Forward ticket and we'll ensure it goes to someone deserving for a future workshop. Or if you feel inspired to pay more for your ticket, you're welcome to donate to us by selecting the Gift Us ticket option on top of your general ticket purchase. All donations are warmly appreciated and go toward improving the work we do.

This workshop will only go ahead if there are 10 confirmed paying participants, so please share with those you feel may benefit. This is to ensure we cover our costs, keep the workshop fee low and make this education accessible. In the event we do not reach the 10 humans target, your ticket will be fully refunded. Tickets are non-refundable otherwise.

We have 2 free tickets up for grabs for those who spread the word the most. Like our page, comment, and share this event as much as possible to stand a chance of winning.

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What to bring:
  • Snacks and a lunch to share. In the spirit of compassionate sharing, please ensure what you bring to share is kosher / halaal / vegetarian, and if you are unable to bring anything, don't fret as there should be plenty to go round.
  • Your own crockery (plates, cups and mugs) and cutlery
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat and sun glasses
  • Notepad and pen if you want to take notes
  • Comfortable clothes - this is an outdoor event and we'll be getting dirty on day 2
  • Something to sit on - bar stools or camping chairs would be ideal
  • An open mind and your inner genius
Looking forward to connecting and co-creating a rich learning experience with you!

Stay awesome you crazy creatures.

Participants attend this workshop at their own risk. Guerilla House will not be held responsible for any theft, injury, loss or damage which may arise. However, in such an unlikely event we will assist you as best we can.
This event is subject to postponement/cancellation at the discretion of Guerilla House in the event of bad weather. Tickets will be fully refunded should we postpone/cancel.


Check out this article to learn the benefits of fermented food. Also check out this video below to learn how your gut bacteria controls your brain.


Make it Ferment - Culturing Gut Health
Joshua Tree Organics
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