Tue May 30, 18:30 - Tue May 30, 22:00
New Media Labs


In the fourth event of our series on IoT, we will go through the basics of sensors.
We'll have a look at the types of sensors and common communication protocols, as well as run through a basic workshop to illustrate the use of some analogue sensors.

Your teacher for the evening:

Michael Struwig is a postgraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Stellenbosch University whose curiosity has led to a keen and developed interest in making electronics do things. The result is hands-on experience with everything from Beaglebones to Raspberry Pis and PICs to Arduinos to Teensys and (recently) with IoT Espressif devices. He has programmed FPGAs in VHDL, written low-level code in Assembler and occasionally writes some of the worst C code known to mankind. With a Masters project in on-animal energy harvesting drawing to a close, Michael has gained a large volume of valuable experience with both embedded devices and the peripherals that can turn a good project into a great one.

Three ticket options are available:
- a ticket that includes something to eat and drink,
- a ticket that includes sensors to follow the workshop with (vibration sensor, temperature sensor and a light dependant resistor), and
- a ticket that includes the sensors and a nodeMCU development board.

As before, you are welcome to bring along your own hardware, and any 
project that you're working on to show and discuss with the community.

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New Media Labs
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