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Has your doctor told you to lose weight before you can conceive a child? Now, if only losing weight were that easy! - "Will it and it will be so!"

Well if so, Dr. Swainston's programme is the healthiest way to do that fast, to lose weight naturally and for your overall good health.

Sometimes we want to lose weight very quickly for a special occasion or for a surgical procedure, etc., so we often do crazy things like cut out all carbohydrates or eat only eggs or only fruit, or inject ourselves with fat-melting drugs, or follow a trendy crash diet. We know that it makes us feel terrible and that we end up putting that weight back on again afterwards.

Dr. Swainston's formula has been used successfully by thousands of people both in South Africa and internationally since 1991. In her clinic she found that most overweight people had an internal dysfunction that needed to be repaired before a person could successfully lose weight and keep it off. So, she developed a natural fomula to repair, strengthen and support the organs and systems that are usually compromised when a person is overweight.

Dr. Swainston found that a hormonal imbalance is a common factor in most people's weight gain, especially the sex hormone oestrogen in women. A hormonal imbalance also affects the appetite, so by strengthening and repairing the glands that produce and balance hormones, the appetite normalises as well as the fat being broken down.

High levels of toxicity is another big factor in weight balancing, so the formula includes remedies to repair and strengthen the liver and kidneys to support and speed up detoxification. The formula is designed to improve proper digestion which is vital in any weight management programme because when food is properly absorbed appetite normalises and cravings disappear.

Being overweight is not always a result of overeating and not enough exercise as is generally thought. Excess weight can be a result of of certain imbalances and dysfunctions within the body that if not rectified will result in regaining weight lost.

This unique approach to slimming will help you to shed those unwanted kilos - permanently and naturally. At the same time you will detoxify and regulate your body, restoring your health and slim figure.

Lose weight easily and healthily with a plan that is easy to follow, healthy and the fastest way to lose weight while staying optimally healthy. In the talk you will also learn which herbs to use that help with this process.

Your body is a remarkable design of structure and function. It is a complex mixture of various systems that usually work together in perfect harmony. There are two factors when taking control of your body weight: The first is understanding how your body functions, the second is knowing natural methods to maintain these functions.

Here are some ten top advantages of losing weight naturally:

A healthy heart and brain

Reduced risks of numerous diseases

Balanced hormones

Improved mood

Your stamina increases

Great metabolism

Improved memory

Strong bones and teeth

Peaceful sleep

There are herbs and foods that help to burn and safely break down your excess fat tissue, by supporting the organs and systems responsible for maintaining a healthy weight.

The many reasons a person gains weight include: hormonal imbalances such as cortisol and oestrogen; a weak liver; a slow thyroid; high stress levels; problematic digestion; a tired heart; a sluggish or irritable bowel; the use of chronic medication, and more, which can cause you to carry excess weight.

You can lose weight quickly with the right food and herb choices,

because the whole body is supported to function optimally. Unlike slimming aids, this method does not force the body into action or take over a natural function, or obstruct a messaging system, it helps your body to heal the causes of your excess weight, and because you support your body as a whole, weight loss occurs so much more easily.

Dr. Swainston's natural method has no side effects and you don't become dependent on it. Once you reach your ideal weight, your weight will remain stable.

Repair and support of organs and systems of your body and detoxification result in your appetite and cravings normalizing.

Your body needs different nutrients as tools to do repair work. A strict diet means that you don't provide what your body needs to do the repair work. Cravings are usually the body's way of ensuring that it has enough nutrients to function in the dysfunctional state in which it finds itself. Using herbs and select foods, your cravings fade and your appetite normalizes as your weight is naturally restored.

This healthy natural weight loss method, used by thousands of South Africans successfully, is good for your overall health, and weight loss is one of the many benefits you can get from it. People following this method have experienced improvement in diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, thyroid problems, rheumatic pain, skin problems, hot flushes and irritable bowel syndrome.

We have the following ticket types available:

  • One hour in-person event in Cape Town at R495
  • Thirty minute personal one-on-one whatsapp consultation at R250
  • The bestseller book by Dr. Swainston, the e-version of: Get Slim Stay Slim Naturally - The Herbal Guide to Permanent Weight Loss at R125

About the ebook Get Slim Stay Slim Naturally - The Herbal Guide to Permanent Weight Loss :

Dr Swainston's herbal formula for slimmers has been used effectively by thousands of overweight people both in South Africa and internationally since 1991. In the book, Get Slim, Stay Slim - Naturally published by Struik in 1997, Dr. Swainston reveals the formula and gives easy-to-follow guidelines to lose weight, including how to make your own personalized weightloss remedy. Dr. Swainston also explains that being overweight is not only a result of overeating and underexercising as is generally thought. Get Slim, Stay Slim - Naturally describes a healthy and holistic approach to permanently solving your weight problem, reveals the underlying reasons why we become overweight, and explains how we can use food for its therapeutic as well as nutritive value. Excess weight is a result of certain imbalances and dysfunctions within the body that, if not rectified, will result in regaining weight lost by dieting and exercise. The unique approach to slimming described in this book will help you shed those unwanted kilos - permanently and naturally. At the same time you will detoxify and regulate your body, restoring your heath and slim figure.

Dr. Swainston is a medic, author, pilot, publisher and adventurer. Adventures including a trans-Africa motorcycle research expedition from Cape Town to Ireland.. After graduating from the University of Cape Town, Dr. Swainston spent three years in London researching and studying alternative and complementary medicine. On her return to South Africa she developed a range of natural remedies as a commercial venture to raise money for a free natural health clinic. Dr. Swainston has been interviewed extensively on radio, television and in print as a pioneer of natural medicine. 

So get the ebook today and begin your transformation into a slim, healthy and vibrant human being!

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