Nelspruit- AI workshop booking confirmed

BOOST your AI Knowledge

Thu Jul 11, 08:30 - Thu Jul 11, 11:30

Lowvelder (Caxton) Boardroom


A morning for business owners and leaders to learn and share.

AI is a hot topic and leaders need to adapt to the rapid changing face of business.

Mel Tomlinson, coach, facilitator, change manager and AI enthusiast will facilitate an engaging session which will:

  1. Empower delegates with basic AI language and relevant knowledge
  2. Highlight the importance of aligning AI with business strategy
  3. Create awareness of the HR-AI questions all businesses will soon be confronting

Guest Speaker, Helene Viljoen, IP attorney will cover:

  1. AI legalities
  2. AI ethics


BOOST your AI Knowledge
Lowvelder (Caxton) Boardroom
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