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Good Talks

Wed Jul 3, 18:00 - Wed Jul 3, 20:00

Homecoming Centre


Discovering Strength: A Good Talks Event on Men's Mental Health

Featuring Yanga and Tom

Date: 3 July 2024 

Time: 18:00 - 20: 00

Location: Homecoming Centre

About the Event:

Join us for a compelling evening dedicated to exploring men's mental health with two remarkable speakers: Yanga, an esteemed athlete, and Tom, a mental skills and performance coach. They will candidly share their personal journeys, insights, and strategies for navigating the complex terrain of mental well-being as men. Expect personal narratives from Yanga about balancing athletic performance with mental health challenges, along with professional perspectives from Tom on the psychological aspects of men's mental health, offering practical tips for resilience. Engage in thought-provoking Q&A sessions and connect with peers who share a passion for promoting mental health awareness among men. This event is ideal for men navigating their own mental health journey, supporters and allies interested in understanding men's mental health issues, as well as professionals in sports, psychology, and wellness fields. Join us to prioritize mental well-being, challenge stereotypes, and foster an environment of open dialogue and support.


Good Talks
Homecoming Centre
15 M59, District Six, Cape Town, 7925
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