No under 18s

Conscious Embodiment Step 1 (SSW)

Sat Jul 6, 10:00 - Sat Jul 6, 12:30

ThinkSilver Studio


Conscious embodiment, built on neo-Tantric principles, invites you to fully inhabit your physical self, aligning awareness with sensations and emotions. Explore your primal senses by integrating the somatic and embodiment practices to connect deeper with yourself and the world around you.

Step 1 focuses on deepening your connection to self - enhance your mindfulness, increase your self-love and confidence, get out of your head, and create your own tantric life .

Whether you’re single or part of a couple, you’re welcome to join.

Conscious Breathing: Explore mindful breathing techniques to unveil your true self.

Mirror Work and Soul Gazing: Engage in self-reflection through mirror exercises and soulful eye contact.

Senses Exploration: Dive into your senses—taste, smell, and more—to enhance your self-awareness.

Self Touch: Discover the power of touch as a means of self-awareness and self-love. (No nudity)

Energy Awareness & Transmutation: Access your energetic body and learn how to capture it, transmute it and channel it to increase both presence and productivity.


Conscious Embodiment Step 1 (SSW)
ThinkSilver Studio
3 Bright St, Audas Estate, Cape Town, 7130
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