Seen TV Film Fest - Lenasia

Sat Jul 20, 18:30 - Sat Jul 20, 20:30

Patidar Hall


We’re excited to premiere our documentary film, Ahmad Alive. 

Ahmad, a Palestinian travel vlogger, didn’t set out to be a war correspondent. But after October 7th, with foreign journalists banned from Gaza, he needed to show the world what was happening, with just his phone.

Seen Film Fest will also showcase a range of groundbreaking citizen journalism from Gaza. 

Date: July 20

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Address: Patidar Hall, 24 Salvia Street, Ext 3, Lenasia

Expect an immersive experience, including Q&A sessions with Ahmad. 


Seen TV Film Fest - Lenasia
Patidar Hall
24 Salvia St, Lenasia, 1827
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