Thinking into results Masterclass - Cape Town

Sun Aug 25, 07:30 - Sun Aug 25, 17:00

To be annouced



This masterclass has been developed by Bob Proctor, co producer of the secret and has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and anyone with restrictions achieving their goals multifield 


This course is ideal for 

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to get their business of the ground 
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to scale 
  • Any individual wants to improve any goal set like improved relationships, career movement, happiness etc . 


What you will get: 

?Lesson One

A WORTHY IDEAL Setting and Achieving Worthy Goals

Lesson Two

THE KNOWING/DOING GAP Understanding the Knowing/Doing Gap

Lesson Three

YOUR INFINITE MIND Using Your Mind to Get the Results You Want

Lesson Four

THE SECRET GENIE Unlocking the Secret

Lesson Five

THINKING INTO RESULTS The Trick to Staying in Charge No Matter the Circumstance

Lesson Six

ENVIRONMENT IS BUT OUR LOOKING GLASS Creating the Environment and the Team that You Want

Lesson Seven

TRAMPLE THE TERROR BARRIER Identifying and Avoiding the Land Mine that Will Sabotage Your Success

Lesson Eight

THE POWER OF PRAXIS Aligning You With You So We All Win

Lesson Nine

THE MAGIC WORD The Magic of Attitude

Lesson Ten

THE MOST VALUABLE PERSON The Leader is the Most Valuable Person

Lesson Eleven


The Number One Key to Success

Lesson Twelve

MAGNIFYING THE MIND The Secret to Increasing the Power of Your Mind