No under 23s

Swap Stress for Sensation Massage Exchange (men only) - 17 june 2024

Mon Jun 17, 09:00 - Mon Jun 17, 13:00

The Venue at 224 Carinus B&B


About this event:

You will be gently guided on a 3-hour exploration of Touch, Intimacy and Massage. The program is great if you want to connect with other men in a loving and sensual way that is more intimate than the way men typically meet. It is a great Introduction to sensual touch and will help you learn some of the basic massage and sensual touch techniques.

In this 3 hours, you are gently guided through different touch techniques and different rituals and ways to massage. It's fun, sensual, connected, intimate and will leave you feeling elated, loved and just open to a deeper sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Purpose of this event:

Everything in this events is done slowly to help you slowly relax and settle. We will do some form of undressing ritual, sensual and loving touch that feels delightful and arousing. There will be different massage techniques to learn and practices. All of these are designed to help you discover new potentials in terms of arousal, of an awakened body state called the Ecstatic Body, and to help you feel more free, more relaxed, more alive and more connected to other men.


Mostly in the nude.

Event format:

This event will be in a group format as well as in random smaller groups of 3.

Is this for me?

This event is open to men regardless of how you believe you look. Often we can give ourselves a hard time on how we think we look to others, and this is an opportunity to go beyond that, to be vulnerable and to let others accept you just as you are. With open hearts, with an openness to accept everybody, let the magic of touch take you to new parts of yourself you never knew existed. Read more if you have anymore questions FAQ.

What to bring:

 All you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of adventure.

What to wear:

Comfortable loose clothes for before the event and something warm for after the event.


ZAR 550 pp

Event Capacity:

15 men


3+ hours  


No previous experience of massage is needed


Read more about Johan Muller


Yes, safe parking at the venue.


Swap Stress for Sensation Massage Exchange (men only) - 17 june 2024
The Venue at 224 Carinus B&B
224 Carinus St, Pretoria, 0103, South Africa
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