Family friendly

Avalon Estate Bingo June 2024

Fri Jun 14, 18:30 - Tue Jun 18, 22:30

Avalon Estate Lifestyle Centre


Prepare to shout louder than your neighbour's lawnmower on a Saturday morning, because we're bringing Bingo back to Avalon Estate!


Join us for a night of laughter, luck, and ludicrous fun as we transform the classic game of Bingo into an unforgettable extravaganza! For just R40 per ticket, you'll be treated to six rounds of heart-pounding Bingo excitement, speedy Jackpot Rounds and Lucky Draws all with a chance to win prizes! And of course - the Bingo Caller will lay down that classic bingo lingo. It's not just Bingo; it's a full-blown adventure in luck and laughter! Don't miss out - reserve your spot now and let the good times roll! Whether you're a seasoned Bingo pro, or a first-time player, this event is guaranteed to be a hit. Our previous Bingo event was sold out in less than two weeks, so don't delay, buy your tickets now!




Date: Friday 14 June 2024


Venue: Avalon Lifestyle Centre


Time: Players should start taking their seats by 18:30. Event starts at 19:00. Duration +/-2.5hrs.


Cost: Ticket price is R40 per player for one Bingo event. Avalon Bingo is a family-friendly event and is open to Avalon Estate residents/home owners and their guests.


Age: Adult supervision required for children under 13


NB: Only pre-sold tickets from Quicket will be accepted. Tickets may be presented on your device screen to be scanned.

Bingo is a fun game of chance often played for prizes in which players are given cards and cover, or mark each corresponding number on their card as it is called. The FIRST PERSON to mark the assigned amount of numbers on the card AND SHOUT "BINGO!" wins the round. There are countless ways to play Bingo. We've taken some inspiration from the various bingo game types and curated a fun, family-friendly Bingo game that is perfectly suited for Avalon Estate.


*Here’s how it works: Players purchase a R40 ticket on Quicket. Upon entry at the event, all valid ticket holders will receive a Bingo Sheet with six Bingo Cards printed on each Bingo Sheet, (one for each round). Each player will also receive one FREE Jackpot Sheet for six speedyJackpot rounds. Plus, there's a chance at 3 Lucky Draws!


Reserve your spot now and get ready to yell 'BINGO!' like you mean it!


Pens will be provided, but we strongly encourage players to bring their own colour pen, khoki, or light colour marker. (Highlighters work great!) Note: Black and dark colour markers are not suited, as winning numbers need to be legible to be verified for a win.


>No tickets will be sold at the door<

Spectators are welcome, but seats are limited and seating preference will be offered to paying players first. In some cases, spectators may be asked to move to the lounge/bar area to accommodate seating for paying players.

All Avalon Estate and Lifestyle Centre rules apply.

The event organisers are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury of any kind that may occur during the event.

*Gameplay may change without notice


Avalon Estate Bingo June 2024
Avalon Estate Lifestyle Centre
Narvik Street, Durbanville, Kaapstad, 7569
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