AFDA BCom Experimental Festival 2024: A Gateway to Tomorrow

Sat Jun 15, 09:00 - Sat Jun 15, 17:00



Are you ready to embark on a journey into the future of business? Join us at the most anticipated event of the year, the Experimental Festival 2024, where groundbreaking ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and visionary entrepreneurs converge to shape the world of tomorrow.


Step into a world transformed, where innovation knows no bounds. Our experimental festival is designed to showcase the immense potential of business in the year 2034, bringing together five extraordinary teams: Sentry, Safe Tracking Solutions. Inside Out, and Hyper Cargo. Each team represents a unique vision for the future, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and redefining the very essence of entrepreneurship.


You will witness these teams in action, showcasing their groundbreaking prototypes, engaging in mind blowing elevator pitches, and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. Immerse yourself in a world where science fiction becomes reality, where dreams are transformed into tangible solutions that will shape the future of business.


This is your opportunity to witness the birth of a new era, to explore the frontiers of innovation, and to be part of a movement that will define the business landscape of 2034 and beyond. Join us at the Experimental Festival 2024 and witness firsthand the power of imagination, ingenuity, and collaboration in creating a future that is beyond our wildest dreams.


Get ready to embrace the future. Get ready for the Experimental Festival 2024. The future starts now!


AFDA BCom Experimental Festival 2024: A Gateway to Tomorrow
41 Frost Ave, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg, 2092
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