No under 13s

UCON 2024: RISE *

Fri Jun 14, 18:00 - Sat Jun 15, 22:00

New Covenant Fellowship International


NCFI Present RISE 2024: Prepared for Young Adults & Youth

Rise Up With Wings Like Eagles: Isaiah 40:31 Ignites RISE 2024

Are you weary? Do burdens weigh you down?

RISE 2024 echoes the powerful promise of Isaiah 40:31:

This is the prophetic fire that ignites this gathering! This year, at RISE 2024, we won't just weather the storms. We will soar above them. Fueled by faith, hope, and God's unwavering strength, we will RISE with renewed purpose and a spirit that cannot be contained!

Join us and let Isaiah 40:31 be your wings!

  • Servanthood for Youth: Cultivating a heart for service in young people, fostering their gifts, and equipping them to meet the needs within the church and their communities.
  • Discipleship for Young Adults: Deepening the faith of young adults, providing them with biblical knowledge and practical tools for spiritual growth, and empowering them to become mentors and leaders.

RISE 2024 will be a transformative experience, igniting a fire within our youth and young adults to serve, lead, and make a lasting impact for Christ's Kingdom.

  • Empowered Youth: Confident young people equipped to serve in various ministries within the church.
  • Discipled Young Adults: Mature believers ready to take on leadership roles and actively participate in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Self-Sufficient Ministries: Thriving youth and young adult ministries functioning effectively within the church structure.
  • Great Commission Focus: A surge of passionate young people actively sharing the gospel and making disciples.