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Click Farm Indoor Aeroponic Training

Wed Jun 19, 08:30 - Wed Jun 19, 15:30

Flame Station


A hands-on introduction to indoor Aeroponic Farming @ our experimental farm in Braamfontein. Whether you are a student, enthusiast, entrepreneur or just interested in learning about Aeroponic farming for yourself or to start a business.

  • Varieties of Vertical Farming Systems
  • Benefits of Aeroponics
  • Advantages and Challenges
  • All about Basil
  • Grow Tent Features
  • Grow tower construction and maintenance
  • Grow Lights
  • Data and controls
  • Planting and looking after seedlings
  • Transplanting seedlings to the towers
  • Nutrients, Pest Management, Equipment Maintenance
  • Water Quality
  • Airflow and Humidity
  • Harvesting
  • Getting started with Agri-tech - Raspberry for Automation


Click Farm Indoor Aeroponic Training
Flame Station
2 Jan Smuts Ave, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017
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