No under 18s

Power Tools 101 Classes

Sun Jun 9, 10:00 - Fri Jun 28, 13:00

LEROY MERLIN Stoneridge in Greenstone Hill


PPE and Tools Provided

Material Provided

T'S & C'S

T'S & C'S

Adeo (PTY) Ltd t/a Leroy Merlin South Africa Health and Safety Policy is a written statement
to all employees and visitors in its working environment on how Leroy Merlin management
manages health and safety.
1. Knowing your role and what part you play, including your safety duties, helps ensure
the safety of yourself and others.
2. Leroy Merlin will not be held liable for any injuries, loss or damage of property.
3. Any Workshop Participants found under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be
prohibited from participating in the workshop for the safety of themselves and
4. Earphones, baggy clothing or long untied hair will not be allowed.
5. Children under the AGE OF 18 are not permitted to join the workshop unless it is
explicitly confirmed that the class is for under 18’s.
6. Workshop participants will be liable to cover all their medical expenses should they
sustain injuries while using any of the equipment in the workshop.
7. As a participant in the Workshop, I agree to abide by the Health and Safety policies
of Leroy Merlin in compliance with Health and Safety Legislation.

I understand the implications of the disclaimer as detailed above and confirm my
acceptance and acknowledgment.

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Power Tools 101 Classes
LEROY MERLIN Stoneridge in Greenstone Hill
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