Back a Matric 2024

Tue Jun 18, 08:00 - Wed Jun 19, 17:00

Event is online


Last year, our Matric Pass Rate in Plett soared to an impressive 88%, up from 83.44% in 2022.

After a successful Winter School program in 2023, we're aiming even higher for 2024, and we need your help to support our Plett Matric students.

Sponsor a student for our two-day Winter School Program on June 18th and 19th, 2024. This program provides vital encouragement and preparation for the challenges ahead.

Your contribution will directly support the Plett Winter School Program by enabling us to hire qualified Maths and English teachers to guide and mentor the students. Additionally, your support will cover the cost of refreshments for both days, ensuring that learners and teachers remain energized and focused. Each student will also receive mini booklets, which will serve as valuable study resources during and after the program.

Money shouldn't stand in the way of deserving students achieving their dreams. Your support can break down these barriers and give them the opportunities they deserve.

Contribute hope and show our youth that their dreams matter!

This annual program aims to prepare learners for their National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams and enhance their academic performance.

We believe education is the key to unlocking our youth's potential and creating a better future for everyone. By supporting the Winter School Program, you’ll be making a significant impact on their education and future success.

DA Ward 2 Committee