No under 13s

Four-part Knife Forging Workshop

Sat Jun 15, 09:00 - Sat Jul 6, 13:00

Soil for Life


Participants will be taught how to properly use a hammer, how to work steel and forge a knife, understand basic metallurgy.

You will walk away with an understanding of how to construct your own home forge, and all the tools required to begin smithing, as well as an understanding of how to make your own forge-grade charcoal from scratch.


Starting at the age of 12, I began to terrorize my parents by disappearing off into the mountains behind their house for days at a time. I quickly realised that I needed tools to do this, as without them I was increasingly likely to perish in the wilderness. However, being 12 rather severely restricted my budget, and so I decided that it would be easier to make my own tools that it would be to make enough money to buy them. I built a small forge in my parents back garden (powered by my mothers hairdryer), and set to making the things I felt I needed.

I have been forging for nearly half my life at this point, and I can't really imagine a life where I'm not making things. While blacksmithing is a truly wonderful expression of generativity in and of itself, the opportunities that making your own tools opens for you is ridiculously expansive for a diverse array of mediums, from woodwork to masonry to pottery. Blacksmithing has allowed me to produce my own perfectly suited tools for almost every creative endeavor I've been able to imagine, and it is a source of deep meaning and satisfaction in my life. I will continue to work metal until I can no longer lift a hammer, and I am forever grateful to the forge for providing me a constant and wonderful muse.


Four-part Knife Forging Workshop
Soil for Life
Brounger Rd, Sillery, Cape Town, 7806
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