No under 16s

New Voices, New Theatre Line-up: 6 New Short Plays (Nova Festival for New and Young Theatre 2024)

Tue Jun 25, 18:00 - Fri Jun 28, 21:30

Die Centurion Teater


The Nova Festival for New and Young Theatre, in collaboration with Scenario College and Die Centurion Teater, proudly presents:

New Voices, New Theatre Line-up!

Join us for an exciting showcase of original, new, and devised plays by young, upcoming, and student artists, presented back-to-back on the Centurion Theatre stage from 25 - 28 June 2024.

Event Details:

  • Dates: 25 - 28 June 2024
  • Time: 18:00 - 21:30 (Please arrive by 17:45)
  • Format: Six back-to-back productions with 10-minute intermissions between each, all on one stage
  • Venue: Centurion Theatre

Ticket Information:

  • Price: R120 per person for the entire night (includes access to all six productions)
  • Booking:


Centurion Teater Website

Call: 063 376 4982

Additional Information:

  • Age Restriction: No under 16s
  • Languages: English and Afrikaans

This festival aims to support, encourage, and showcase the next generation of artists and theatre-makers who will lead the South African Theatre industry into a new age with their innovative storytelling and fresh voices. With six new short plays, these young talents are ready to make their mark.

Theme: "The Things We Write in RED INK and PENCIL"

This year's Nova Festival explores the bold and the tentative. Red ink represents our loud critiques, bold decisions, and passionate declarations—things we shout and insist on being heard. Pencil symbolizes our tentative thoughts, the questions we're afraid to ask, and the ideas we explore with an open mind.

Line-Up 2024:


Directed by Elsmarie Serfontein | Performed by Kyle Cronje

This devised work delves into themes of violence and loss, capturing the struggle to find meaning and live in the aftermath of destruction.

Caught Between a Spider and a Fly

Directed by Erica Weyer | Performed by Jess van der Merwe

A tentative exploration of the psyche of an oppressed woman, navigating the webs of fate in her quest for equality.

Fool Me Once.

Directed by Rachael-Ann van Wyk | Performed by Jason Boshoff

A new and workshopped short play that examines the pain behind a monster's eyes, revealing how perspective alters our feelings about horrendous acts and showing that monsters are made, not born.

I'll Paint You a Picture

Written and Performed by Cara-May Drummond

A poignant piece aiming to broaden the conversation around mental health, highlighting its misunderstandings, lack of research, and the judgment it often faces.

Mom, Can You Hear My Heart?

Directed by Ora Mashigo | Performed by Mbali Hlomela

This play explores themes of grief, the treacherous relationship between mother and daughter, regret, and coming to terms with loss.

Die Geraas van Stilte

Written by Chané-Louise Bornman and Marlon Rossouw | Directed by Chané-Louise Bornman | Performed by Marlon Rossouw

A heartbreaking story of a boy forced to become a man too early, dealing with the horrific actions of adults and their devastating effects on children, highlighting the destruction of innocence and youth.

Sponsored by Scenario College for Performing Arts and Die Centurion Teater.

Come and witness the future of South African theatre!


New Voices, New Theatre Line-up: 6 New Short Plays (Nova Festival for New and Young Theatre 2024)
Die Centurion Teater
123 Amkor Rd, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157
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