No under 18s

Embodied Talks | Sex-Positive Sex-Ed: AMA with Dr Rob & Hotsqueak

Sat Jun 29, 16:00 - Sat Jun 29, 19:00

Embodiment Rope Space, Salt River


In this first-ever workshop, we invite every person with an interest in sex and their health to come along to have their brains filled with something valuable.


This workshop is aimed at any person, regardless of gender, sexuality or relationship orientation, who would like to know more about their own or their partner’s bodies within a sex-positive framework.

Adult sex education is essential for promoting sexual health, enhancing relationships, and empowering personal choices by providing accurate, evidence-based information. It helps correct misinformation, supports diverse sexualities, and improves mental health by addressing issues like consent, sexual dysfunction, and body image concerns. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in reducing sexual violence and adapting to life changes such as pregnancy and aging. By encouraging open dialogue, adult sex education reduces stigma and enables individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual well-being.


This will be an AMA (ask me anything) formatted workshop focussed on discussion and sharing of information!

Our starting discussion will be aimed at getting to grips with applied human anatomy before expanding into how we can use this knowledge to increase fun and pleasure with ourselves or others. We will also begin to delve into the concept of sexual safety – that is ensuring we are safe from harm, and infections as well as understanding fertility. Understanding our own bodies and how to protect them is the platform from which all the fun can take place!

The atmosphere will be one of non-judgemental learning and facilitation of discussion where we can all learn safely. There will be no beating around the bush here! Come armed with any burning questions (or questions about things you may have caught at the ‘burn.)

Some topics to be covered:
- Family planning
- STI testing
- Period sex
- Anal sex
- Pap smears
- Lube
- Vaccines, and more.

Attendees are encouraged to submit anonymous questions to be discussed on the evening when purchasing their tickets. This is a required field on the ticket form, but if you would prefer to bring your questions in person, simply fill in N/A when purchasing your ticket. 


Dr Rob

Now almost fully recovered from a misspent youth driving fast cars as a paramedic and chasing emotionally unavailable people as an anxious girlie, then spending ten years wandering and exploring the back roads and conservative towns strewn across SA, Dr Rob is now settling in Cape Town and determined to help others find their fully realised best-lived lives.

Now armed with the ability to live her life authentically she wants to bring her personal battles into her work, especially after realising how many of us are looking for the same things: love, health, and happiness.

Poly, queer, tattooed, and unashamedly flawed she aims to develop a medical practice as open and welcoming as she is in her off time. By no means an expert, but an eternal student, with hopes that she learns alongside all those who seek her out professionally.


HotSqueak has 11+ years of experience in various kinks with a special interest in impact play, but their interests are broad-ranging. They will facilitate conversations and answer any questions you have, as well as share their (mis)adventures.


Embodiment Rope Space is a welcoming and safe(r) space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. We practice rope and shibari communally and host occasional workshops for upskilling the community. Rope/Shibari is never safe, there are only ways to do it more safely.

We have limited treated rope from Sudo Jute for sale and safety shears. Non-alcoholic drinks (Soft drinks, water, tea, coffee) will also be for sale. 


Embodiment Rope Space is the love child of a group of volunteers from different walks of life coming together to actualize something we think the world needs: a queer safe(r) space for exploring kink as a healing, connective force. 

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1. Don’t be late.
2. Respect the space. Leave no trace - whatever you bring, take it back with you. 
3. Ego has no place here. Learn and share with humility. 
4. Ask for people’s pronouns and use the ones you are given. 
5. No shoes. Keep underwear on at public events. Nipples may be free. 
6. Do not make unsolicited comments about anyone else's body.
7. Do not take any photos of anyone in attendance without consent. 
8. Do not post photos without the consent of EVERYONE in the photo. 
9. Do not reveal the identity of anyone you meet in the space once you leave. Many people prefer anonymity. 
10. Be mindful of making noise in the space when others are tying around you, this includes loud talking and laughing. 
11. Be discrete when moving through other parts of the premises. Clothes are optional in the space but not outside the door.
12. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.
13. This is a sober space. Please do not use any recreational drugs or alcohol before coming or while on site. 

This is a non-rope related workshop, use of our rope gear and equipment is prohibited on this evening.


What does AMA mean? 
AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything." It is a type of interactive online event where individuals, often experts or public figures, open themselves up to questions from the public. The AMA format originated on Reddit, but can also take place on other platforms; such as this workshop where it will take place in person. During an AMA, the host answers questions on a wide range of topics, offering insights, sharing experiences, and engaging directly with participants.

I want to stay anonymous! How can I do this?
When purchasing your ticket you will notice an additional question that we capture. This is a required field, however, if you do not want to populate the question then just fill in N/A. You can add as many questions as you like but you are not limited to this mechanism! On the day you can also engage with your facilitators and bring your questions along. If you've purchased your ticket and have more questions to add, just send us an email at with the subject line Embodied Talks: Sex-Ed Questions.

What should I wear?
This is a friendly learning environment, not a sexual one, so crotches are to remain covered. Other than that, you are free to wear whatever you like. We find that it is easier to tie with minimal clothing or clothing that you can move in easily (leggings, shorts, etc.). Comfy, sexy, sporty, fetish - as long as your booty is covered, you are welcome here. 

What should I bring along?
We encourage all participants to bring a curious attitude and a willingness to engage or listen. This is a judgment-free zone, and as much as we would like to remind you to park your judgment for those around you; it is equally important that you reserve that same sentiment towards yourself. Not everyone has had the same level of access to knowledge or had safe spaces in which they could honestly ask questions they feel like they should already know the answers to. Bring your questions, any snacks if you need them, and cash if you would like to purchase any non-alcoholic drinks we have on-site or any of our regular Embodiment items from our kiosk.

Do I need a partner?
You do NOT need a partner to attend this event! This workshop is open solo folks, couples, throuples, friends, etc. This will be an educational space only.


Embodied Talks | Sex-Positive Sex-Ed: AMA with Dr Rob & Hotsqueak
Embodiment Rope Space, Salt River
unit g07, 100 Voortrekker Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925
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