Pedals for Peace - 2018 Afrikaburn

Mon Apr 23, 09:00 - Sun Apr 29, 17:00


Greetings fellow burners of Afrikaburn 2018  - Welcome to Pedals For Peace bike project

Please note that bicycles rented through this project are heavily subsidised on the understanding that these will be gifted back to us for distribution to those less fortunate!
All bikes purchased can be collected from our theme camp Pedals for Peace from 9am on the 23rd of April (earlier collections by arrangement)

We are pleased to announce that we will once again be making bikes available for the 2018 Afrikaburn Pedals for Peace initiative.
The work done over the last few years has proven life changing for many of the recipients and we receive many requests now from a variety groups looking for our help and support. We will continue to help, support and grow not only the projects we have in the greater Tankwa region but also into other deserving rural communities where there is a need for an alternative sustainable transport solution. This will include but not be limited to Primary and Secondary Schools as well as remote farming communities and community healthcare workers throughout the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape. As the project grows we will extend into other areas of South Africa.
This year, however, will see some significant changes to the type of bikes we will be making available. Five years of the project have seen us through a steep learning curve. While we would like to make really “cheap” bicycles available this is not in keeping with what we are trying to achieve. For the Pedals for Peace project to be comprehensively sustainable we need to ensure that the type of bikes distributed are “fit for purpose”. What do we mean by “Fit for purpose”?
The bikes that we distribute into the rural communities of the Tankwa and surrounds need to be rugged, simple and easy to maintain. To this end we are partnering with the Qhubeka to make the tried and tested Qhubeka bike available at a subsidised price.
These bikes have been used throughout the African continent with great success in both rural and urban environments. Not only will these bikes serve you extremely well during your time at Afrikaburn, but they will go on serving and uplifting the lives of their recipients for years after they have been distributed.
2017 saw distribute over 200 of these sturdy machines. The success of this distrbution has made it clear to us that we really do need to continue in this direction. We are sure that those of you that have supported us so loyally these past few years will be extremely happy with the standard and quality of the bike that we will be using. We truly believe that the move to a higher quality slightly more expensive bicycle will have a far more impactful and lasting effect for many years to come. We look forward to seeing you at Afrikaburn in April 2018!!


Pedals for Peace - 2018 Afrikaburn
South Africa
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