3rd Year Acting Mid-Year Exam Performance

Wed May 22, 19:00 - Thu May 23, 20:30

CTDPS Arena Theatre


"Undizimele...You Have Hidden From Me"

"Undizimele...You Have Hidden From Me" is a poignant exploration of individual roles and struggles within the South African context, spanning from the era of apartheid to the present day. Through a series of compelling monologues, the play delves into the lives of diverse characters—from a taxi driver to a politician, from a sex worker to a soldier—revealing their shared quest for survival.

These monologues, drawn from historical and contemporary texts, reflect the enduring challenges and complexities faced by men and women as they navigate their lives and relationships. The narrative intertwines personal and collective histories, shedding light on how individuals cope with the burdens of the past and the uncertainties of the present.

The play also extends its focus beyond South Africa, incorporating letters written to those affected by conflicts around the world. These letters serve as a bridge, connecting the audience to the universal struggles of humanity and emphasizing the resilience required to face each new day.

"Undizimele" honors the memories of those who have fought and fallen victim to wars, using a selection of monologues to give voice to their experiences. It is a powerful reminder of the hidden parts of ourselves that surface in times of trial, urging us to confront our demons and seek understanding and empathy in our shared human experience.

Ultimately, "Undizimele...You Have Hidden From Me" is a call to express our true selves, to unveil the hidden, and to acknowledge the enduring spirit of survival that binds us all.


3rd Year Acting Mid-Year Exam Performance
CTDPS Arena Theatre
Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001
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